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I am an inter-disciplinary witch with nearly 20 years experience practising magic. I was raised in a Pagan household, but now I draw on a wide mix of folk magic, Celtic and Hellenistic witchcraft, hedge witchery and elemental magic. I hold a diploma in Herbal Medicine and incorporate plant magic from my garden into much of my craft. I offer completely confidential, friendly, customised witchcraft services to bring your life into alignment with your highest good and the highest good of those you love. Consultations are free via email - if you would like a working done please send your queries to hellowitchcake@gmail.com. For most services, I recommend an informal phone consultation as well so that we can chat about your desired outcome. The only personal information I will need to perform a working is your first name and date of birth.

Crystal Programming - I offer individually-tailored crystals, cleansed and programmed for a purpose. If you are feeling drawn to the magic of crystals but don't know where to start, you can tell me what you would like to draw into your life or encourage - I will then find a crystal (or crystals) with your issue in mind, cleanse and charge it using a variety of techniques according to its needs and what I feel is required, and finally program the crystal for a specific intent. Your crystal/s will then be sent to you via tracked and signed-for delivery, for you to use in your own life or spellwork. All my crystals are responsibly sourced.

Fixed Candles - I hand-pour a range of spell candles that are made from 100% vegan ingredients. I use soy wax, vegetable dyes, and only essential oils. I use no artificial fragrance or perfume - the scents are very subtle and soft, and can be burned for a very long time, such as in meditation or ritual. They come in a large 12oz jar and burn for 50+ hours. For detailed descriptions of each candle, pop me an email or check out my Instagram. All my essential oil blends can be adapted for pregnancy/nursing, just let me know!

Tarot Reading - I offer 3-card, 6-card, and 10-cards draws using a variety of decks. A 3-card reading can be structured in multiple ways, and is not confined to the traditional past/present/future; I can also do now/later/ultimately, fears/hopes/reality, and many other combinations. 6-card draws are equally spread over what has been/what is coming. Due to the intensity and scope of a 10-card Celtic Cross, which is an extensive and detailed reading covering most aspects of your life, I have limited spots available and there may be a short wait. Most often I will recommend we use the Rider Waite deck that has been with me for over a decade. You can ask a specific question or request a reading around a more general area of life, such as career or relationships. My approach to Tarot mixes symbology, psychology, archetypes, folk story, and esotericism into an easy-to-understand reading. Your reading will be sent to you as a PDF.

Spellwork - I create and perform unique and original spells adapted to your desires. My expertise is in issues relating to sexuality, relationships, intimacy, breakup wounds, binding, clearing toxicity and negative energy, self-confidence and beauty magic, but I am capable of performing spells relating to all areas of life. So that the timing of a spell is as powerful as possible, there may be a wait of up to two weeks. 

Prices: All my rates are available upon consultation. Prices vary, as they are based on what materials are used in a working. As soon as we begin to put together what your working will look like, I will be able to price it up for you to make sure you are completely satisfied. I am happy to give concessions where appropriate - if you are a student or on a limited income and would like a service done, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your needs.

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