My scrapbook is mostly inspired by music, literature, BDSM, and my own life. Some of the words are lyrics, but most are taken from my journals, or are lifted from real conversations. I use a whole range of media, including magazine/newspaper clippings, paint, charcoal, rhinestones, fabric, nail polish, make-up, glitter, sequins, jewellery and other kinds of 3D embellishment to make my collages. Some of the content is very adult, as a word of wording. Please comment if you have thoughts/suggestions. 




'Do You Feel Beautiful'

'This Is How The Story Begins'

'Look At Me'

'Brainy 1: You're The Tall Kingdom I Surround'

'Brainy 2: You Might Need Me More Than You Think You Will'

'Brainy 3: You Keep Changing Your Fancy, Fancy Mind'





'It Scares Me When You Go Quiet'

'I'm Too Old For This Shit'

'Virgin: 2'

'I'm Being Very Grown Up'


'Miss Artist'








'Hades and Persephone'


'Little One'









  1. I think a "prude" one is needed. I feel I fit into that category, but I'm really far from a prude. Its all smoke and mirrors. Its also a term I'm hearing a lot lately. My favourites are "do you feel beautiful, siren, miss artist and sext" I actually said "wow" aloud. These are absolutely mesmerising. Just because I don't understand a lot of it doesn't mean I don't absolutely appreciate and love it. Some commissioned work should be coming your way. Just wow Holly. Fucking bravo xx

  2. Your scrapbook is amazing! I love it so much :) You create such beautiful and interesting artwork. My mind was running wild as I was looking all the different pages. I love all of the different materials you use to create your collages; it just looks so stunning x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey