Magickal Beauty Products With Heart (For The UK And USA!)

love it when I see witches getting major deals and spreading their magick; I always try to support my faves when they bag a sweet collaboration with a big company. There are many brands, however, who have never dipped a toe into spirituality or witchcraft before, let alone consulted an actual witch, bringing out "rose quartz" and "crystal" products with no actual crystal infusion or intent behind them, and certainly no help from occultists. They're jumping on a bandwagon that's been driven by the spiritual community, and churning out products that look similar, but don't have the same intention. And don't even get me started on "witchy" products that are tested on animals.

I've spoken before about the commercialisation of witchcraft, and how I feel about it being co-opted as a lifestyle trend by everyone and their nan. Part of the reason why I take issue with it is because I know so many amazing witches, creators, makers and artists doing great work, crafting unique products and not getting the attention or the support they deserve. It's not hard to find magickal products and tools designed by real witches, especially not right now. You don't even have to shop particularly "small" to shop authentic and more ethically. Here are some of my favourite brands and apothecaries, to get you started. 


A lot of these brands deliver worldwide too, but just ask a bit more postage! In this list I tried to stick to more easily-discovered brands so that you guys can all go and do your own research on Instagram or other social, just to demonstrate how much is out there and how easy it is to find good ritual products. Let me know if you would want to see my recommendations for local, Welsh artisans and makers. Many of my friends create their own magickal things and don't have much information about their projects online. Also, if you can think of any great woo creators I haven't listed here, please give them a massive shout-out in the comments.