Plant Babies

Being a nature-based solitary witch, most of my magic takes place in the kitchen, the bath, or out in the wild. Working with flowers, essences, plants, and herbs is central to my practice and my whole ethos as a witch; almost everything I do is based around tending human needs through the bounty we have right at our fingertips, and underneath our feet. Magic is nature and nature is magic. I like to grow my spells, eat my spells, bathe in the infused water of my spells.

Recently my boyfriend got this mini greenhouse from IKEA, and together we've been filling it up with our plants, creating a joint garden. The living room gets the most sunlight; it's almost like a greenhouse already, so that's where all the arid-loving plants live. The shady bedrooms of the house are much better suited to ivy and other shrubbery. Many of my plants have been in desperate need of  re-potting for a while, and we wanted to combine a few and make giant cactus/succulent gardens in larger pots. So, I designed little triads that would coexist harmoniously.

Many of the ones pictures here were picked up on a recent trip to Merthyr, Rich's hometown. We did a big trip to Trago Mills and bought lots of 85p terracotta pots, soil, drainers and a few other bits as well as plant-life. Everything in the garden section was so cheap I wanted to bring home more than we could have carried! In the end we settled on a sedum, desert rose, chilli, and an echinocactus with beautiful navy blue flowers. We plan to go back with a bigger bag and gather a larger haul on another day. I can no longer justify spending £15 every time I just want a little plant in a sturdy pot. Desert roses are usually at least that amount in high-street homeware stores, but I got the one pictured below for only £2.29 unpotted. I like buying plants this way sometimes, as I have so many pots and jars laying around that I've chosen myself. I even use LUSH tubs sometimes! Simply pierce a few draining holes in the bottom after you've given it a thorough clean (you don't want to sink your plant in shampoo residue) and fill with some multi-purpose or cactus soil.

Desert roses are one of my favourite smaller plants to have around the house, as they require so little attention and have such a beautiful, soft and powerful appearance. Feminine energy just radiates off them. They're also a great plant to place on altars to Venus or Aphrodite, or anywhere you do your makeup or beauty routine. 

There are still many flowers and herbs on my wishlist; I don't have an aloe vera at home and it would be very useful having one around for when I inevitably burn myself, as I did recently on Rich's motorbike. I've been reading up on how to propagate succulents and cacti, so that I'll know what to do if any of my babies start getting a bit long. The bigger a garden gets the more research you have to do to make sure everything can thrive, but I love doing it, and sharing it with my beloved makes it even more joyful.