Getting Started With Crystal Magic

Crystals aren't just super cute ornaments and accessories (although they can be, should you wish!), they are also incredibly powerful tools for manifestation and magic. There are endless ways you can harness these powers and bring some crystal magic into your life; whether it's through jewelry, spellwork, interior design, a sex toy, small pocket-lining pebbles or anything else, wielding a carefully chosen stone can be a game-changing tool for self-reflection. Objects have the significance and the abilities that we bestow onto them (although some lend themselves to certain tasks better than others) and crystals are no different. I use them in almost every area of my life, from decorating to exploring sexual fantasies. Most of the gems pictured in this post were gifts from Eclectic Eccentricity, check them out if you're in the market for a crystal kit to get you started. If you've never delved into crystal magic before, and have no idea where to begin, here are some of my favourite multi-purpose gems and how they can enhance your well-being.

Rose Quartz: Known as the ultimate love stone, rose quartz is most often used in spells to help open the heart or attract romance. It has a soft, feminine, and relentlessly loving energy. Think of it as a salve for emotional wounds and a balm for a jaded spirit. Not limited to romantic love, rose quartz is perfect for opening you up to the possibility of friendship, community, and unconditional love in all its forms. Many people swear by rose quartz wands in sexual exploration, and use the stone to heighten their libido and create a feeling of sexual safety.

Jade: Used for thousands of years in beauty and sexuality practises, jade is a milky green stone famous for aiding mature and contented love, beauty well into old age, and healing of sexual blockages. Consider trying out a jade egg in the bedroom, or getting a facial roller to add some magic to your skincare routine!

Selenite: I use a selenite wand to re-balance myself at the end of a long and hectic day. If you want some help aligning with your own truth and inner wisdom, or want to process things you've learned before you fall asleep, use selenite to show the way. It also helps realign your whole energetic system and physical well-being. Selenite is soluble so never put it in water! They are a self-cleansing crystal and need no extra help.

Amethyst: Intensely purple stone amethyst is linked to the crown chakra, our connection to a higher power. It aids intuition, peaceful sleep and dreaming, mental balance and equilibium, and psychic protection. Almost anything to do with the mind comes under the domain of amethyst! I keep a large slab of it beside my bed, and scattered around my home to set a tone of mental clarity and creativity.

Garnet: This is a fantastic stone for self-possession, confidence, luck, purpose, energy, and fire. I carry a small garnet "dice" (a small stone with many sides, perfect for sending energy off in every direction) in my bag or pocket when I want to have an especially good day or feel empowered.  

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is the ultimate space-clearer. Think of it as a sponge for any negative energy or stagnant thoughts you have lurking around the place. Remember to cleanse and charge these stones regularly, as they really do absorb all the nasties. I have a lot of clear quartz jewellery that I program for different purposes.

Dalmatian Jasper: Slightly less famous than the rest on this list, dalmatian jasper is an instantly recognizable stone covered in little black spots. I use it as an anti-anxiety, calming stone. I take it with me alongside my garnet if I'm doing a solo journey or going anywhere I'm nervous about.

If you want to learm more about crystals or even if you just find them pretty to have around, The Power Of Crystal Healing by Emma Lucy Knowles is probably the best book I've found on the subject. There's gorgeous photography throughout and it really goes in depth on every stone, rather than just throwing out some keywords like "good for love" or "a lucky stone". The summaries are much more specific and detailed, without being too intense or academic. If you want to learn more about the basics of witchcraft, check out this earlier post of mine on how I practice in my daily life.

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