A Christmas Gift Guide For Vegan And Cruelty-Free Babes

Although, technically, all my blog posts are vegan blog posts, I wanted to bring you a special gift guide with a cruelty-free and ethical focus. Whether you're buying for someone who's been making changes to their lifestyle, or you want to make an effort to support more animal-friendly companies in your Christmas shopping (and perhaps inspire someone with a conscious gift!) there's something for you here, no matter what your budget. Vegan/organic products get a bad rap for being expensive or inaccessible, but that's just not the case if you do a little research. There are eight vegans in my family (including a vegan doggo) and we all have vastly different interests and tastes, but we never fail to find each other amazing presents. 

Let's start with beauty gift sets. Paul Mitchell do some of my favourite haircare products - I love their detangler spray and their colour-safe shampoos. The new Lavender and Mint set for dry/damaged hair is perfect for someone who has been a bit mean to their tresses this year. My ends have been processed wayyy too many times and are in need of some intense repair, so I will be keeping this one for myself. Next up we have Sukin, a vegan, carbon-neutral, cruelty-free, and organic company from Australia who make ethical and affordable skincare. If you're new to the brand, as I was, one of their three-step gift sets with a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser is a great place to start or initiate a loved one. If you're in London, lots of places stock Sukin, but if you're in Wales you're best off ordering online.

If you want to get a bunny-loving make-up enthusiast something luxurious, how about some high-quality synthetic brushes? I love Spectrum for making totally vegan, colourful, long-lasting brushes that both perform really well and look good on display. The ones you can see here are these ones, but if you know your giftee's zodiac sign, these are stunning and unique. 

If you have a veggie or vegan friend who's missing a certain type of food or doesn't know how to make a herbivore version, a thoughtful cook book with exactly what they need might be just the thing. If cake is their obsession, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World is one that I use often and would recommend for anyone with a sweet tooth. Obviously don't get them a cook book unless cooking is something they really enjoy, but go for it if they are the kind of person who likes to experiment in the kitchen or is struggling for plant-based recipes since making a change,  

If you're really stuck, LUSH is always there to lend a helping hand. If you don't know what someone wants or needs specifically, a face mask is always a fail-safe option. Rosy Cheeks is 100% vegan and suits almost every skin type. It's a simple and fresh blend of rose oil, calamine, and kaolin to balance, cleanse, and nourish your skin. Perfect for someone who's always complaining about that's freaking what all the extreme weather and indoor heating does to their complexion (i.e, me)!

Some of the products here are samples, see my PR page for details

A Christmas Gift Guide For Moon-Worshippers

I've always been in love with the moon. She's a paradox, up there on her own; changeable and yet permanent, coldly mysterious and still our very idea of softness. A mirror that transforms our sorrow, and stays with us when we cannot rest. I'm never able to rely on a good night's sleep, but I can rely on her. The moon is a huge part of my practise as a witch, and keeping track of where she is and what she's up to is always an element of my daily life. I've put together a gift guide for those who love her like I do...or who just want a good night's sleep.

I recently started writing new moon intentions as a meditation practise, and this journal takes that idea a little bit further. It follows the movements of the sun and moon through the year (any year; you add in your own dates to this journal, so the information is always relevant) and through each astrological season. Each season, such as Aries or Scorpio, has affirmations and questions to ask yourself at this time, and plenty of room for taking notes or writing out your intentions. For me, no new or full moon ritual would be complete without Tarot, and finding new books to learn from always helps me expand my understanding of the cards. No two people interpret the Tarot in exactly the same way, so I appreciate different takes on it. This guide focuses on lessons to be learnt and questions to ask yourself, rather than predictions, and has colourful, modern illustrations of diverse characters instead of just white, female figures like a lot of older Tarot decks/books.

The sparkly crescent hair clip is from Oliver Bonas; they recently opened a store in Cardiff, which means I'm in there practically every day now. The staff ask after my mum. I want to buy all the things but I don't really have the room in my flat, so I'm sticking to jewellery, clothes, and books for now. This is a gorgeous stocking-filler for the witch in your life.

Tropic were kind enough to send me a couple of their new releases for Christmas, the So Sleepy Mist and the delicious vanilla Body Velvet. They're both beautifully scented products; the pillow mist is a rich and earthy mix of lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense; one spray is more than enough to wrap you up in olfactory bliss. I've been using this every night and I adore it. It reminds me of being a little child again, when my mum would drop lavender oil on my pillow before I went to bed. When I want to double-up on the lavender effects and really knock myself out, I have a herbal bath with an oil like this one by Kneipp (which is currently 50% off). Face masks also help to relax me when I'm losing sleep through stress or anxiety. I'm the kind of person who slaps on a face mask hoping it'll fix all my problems, clean my apartment, purify my soul, and give me an extra ten years of life. Most of the time I'm disappointed on that front, but I still love masks and use them several times a week. The Oh K! sleep mask mask makes a really cute little gift for anyone who likes their beauty sleep.

I've had the Sailor Moon Pop forever, but I couldn't not include her here. You can get her on Amazon or at Forbidden Planet. Lastly, I spotted this incandescent crescent moon pillow in H&M Home - it was the last one in my store, but they still sell similar ones. It goes perfectly with my cloud from IKEA, and makes my bed feel so pretty. All I need now is a star. Sweet dreams.

Some of the products featured here are samples, see my PR page for details