Geeking Out

I'm a massive nerd when it comes to many things. Mostly blogging, to be fair, but you all know that already. I've never really "grown up" in the way that most people think of it, and I don't really want to. Sometimes I feel very little inside, even though I'm 25. That littleness is an exciting feeling, not a scary one. I still get overly hyped about Disney pyjamas or a new Tsum Tsum release. I feel most relaxed and happy around people who share this enthusiasm, and who allow me to be a child. Enthusiasm is really all it is, and it should never be lost, regardless of how old we get. I may have a whole arsenal of sex toys, but they sit right next to my BB-8 mug and my Lego, and that's how it should be. Lately I've been hauling quite a few shamelessly geeky, nerdy, and playful things, and going crazy over many different types of toys. Here are some of my more innocuous interests. 

Star Wars: Growing up, Star Wars was my world. It meant so much to me that I was actually livid when I learned they were making yet another movie and that J.J Abrams was going to direct. I have hated all of his movies and couldn't stand the thought of sitting through the director of such delights as Star Trek Into Darkness and Mission: Impossible III take a steaming dump all over my childhood. I swore up and down I wouldn't go and see it, but of course I did, and loved it. I actually cried a little bit whenever they used the original score, and I don't even care who knows at this point.

Disney Merch: I have a really small but steadily growing collection of tsum tsums, and I plan on getting a whole huge pyramid of princesses and anti-heroes. I also go nuts over plastic beakers. mugs, and teddies in the Disney Store. I'm most obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and other old classics, although I do have a soft spot for Frozen and Tangled.

Funko Pops: I've wanted a Funko for absolutely ages but didn't really know which one to get first, until I discovered that they did an American Horror Story series, including my  number one bae, the Rubber Man. Isn't he cute? Look at him there in his latex, all murdery and stuff. Adorable. Come at me, you beautiful trouble-maker. It was meant to be.

iPhone Cases: Since I got my first iPhone last summer I've become really paranoid about buying up cute cases before they stop making them for my model (I have a 5s) and they seem to be getting more and more dorky and embarrassing. I have a watermelon, unicorns, rockets, a bunny and a kitty, and various others. I kind of want one that has something rude on it, like tiny cartoon vaginas or maybe a cute combo swear-word like "asshat" or "clusterfuck". And before you ask, yes, trawling eBay for things like this is how I spend my Wednesday nights.

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