Emoji Fashion Wishlist

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Devil power bank, Dolls Kill // Emoji heart skirt (on model), Dolls Kill // Cherry necklace, Tatty Devine // Poo emoji pillow, similar on Amazon // Bomb mini bag/purse, SkinnyDip London // Creepy moon phone case, similar on Redbubble

I don't really buy all that many novelty things, as I'm quite minimalist in my day-to-day wear. I own a lot of black jeans and white shirts, and tend to rotate the same outfits pretty much every week, which is why I'll never be a famous fashion blogger. Even though I'm this way in practise, in theory, I am all about colour and silliness. I love fun, ridiculous clothes and accessories, and tend to buy them even if just for the sake of my Instagram. 

Emoji-prints are not something Iever thought I would like, but recently I started really wanting a poop emoji pillow, and after that I started spotting different emoji-themed clothes and homeware everywhere I look. There's emoji bedding in Primark. There's emoji keyrings in Topshop. There's even a guy selling emoji cushions in the fucking street outside Ann Summers, so I've got passive-aggressive moon faces or a happy turd giving me the eye every time I go and buy knickers. Seeing as the whole thing seems very on trend, I thought I'd be trendy and give you a little wishlist of my favourite emoji fashion pieces. If anyone knows where I can find a t-shirt with two milk bottle emojis over the chest, it'd be much appreciated.

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