Bedroom Jamz

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I wrote the first instalment of this post quite a long time ago now. I always liked the idea and kept it in the back of my mind in case I ever wanted to add to it. Most of the music I listen to is unapologetically sexual; I love stuff from all genres that deals with love, heartbreak, jealousy and desire. I like a lot of typical strip-club music for this reason, as well as old blues and classic rock. The playlist that I add to most often on my Spotify is called "Sex Magic" (for now it's a private playlist, but I might make it public one day if enough people ask!) and I am constantly harassing my friends for their bedroom tunes, because I know that those are the most likely to be the ones I'll enjoy. I've left out some of my go-to songs just because they are well-known already (like Zayn's "Pillowtalk" and The Weeknd's "Wicked Games") and instead focused on BDSM-themed tracks, or ones that create a nice atmosphere for kink. Most searches for that kind of thing just bring up Marilyn Manson, so I thought I'd share a more diverse mix for those who are that way inclined. 

Baseline - Miss Kittin

This is a catchy techno-pop song with slightly kinky lyrics ("baseline for your body/ let's talk about it/ message to you daddy/ I can talk to you") that is great for dancing and fun, high tempo activities.

Naked Wet Hot (Dimension Remix) - Junksista

Junksista is a pretty rad BDSM-oriented industrial artist that makes very gothic, thumping music that is perfect for intense scenes or dancing. The lyrics are always gloriously obscene ("I'm naked/I'm wet/I'm hot/ I'll do ya right here/ oh yes I am a slut") and in Junksista's amazingly sexy German accent, it's all a bit great.

Physical - Nine Inch Nails

One of the lesser-known NIN songs that I still think is one of their best, this is a brilliant tune for stripping, dancing and the like. Trent Reznor is forever bae.

Desire - Meg Myers

This might sound kind of loud and screamy to be sex music at first, but I've had it on the background on a lower volume and it works surprisingly well. The lyrics are intense, desperate and dramatic, so it's not one for chilled or low-key situations.

Leave The Lights On (DNTST Remix) - Meiko

This remix of a brilliant indie track by Meiko (about infidelity, oddly enough) is awesome for cuddles, aftercare, or romantic situations. I've put it on after a party to chill out to before and it works just as well for that too.

Work Song - Hozier

Hozier is always pretty sexy music, let's be honest, but personally I think this song is his best for bedroom situations. It has a gorgeous narrative and lyrics, and a really sultry feel. I sometimes play this in the bath to relax, just because the vocal is so lovely.

Waiting Game - Banks

Banks is yet another very "night-time" artist that I listen to a hell of a lot. This track is kind of darkly sexy and emotional at the same time, dealing with quite complex themes around relationships, jealousy and heartbreak.

Ring Of Fire - Lera Lynn

This is a cover of the famous Johnny Cash track, which should be a sacrilege but somehow isn't. Lynn does it justice with a totally re-imagined version that is much slower, sexier, and more sinister. No one is quite Johnny Cash, and she doesn't try to be, but makes an almost entirely new song. The only thing I have against it, is that they used it in a Pretty Little Liars love scene (spoiler alert look away now) between Spencer and Caleb, which I think we can all agree should never have happened.

gold headphones by Kanen // bullet vibe was gifted by Lovehoney 

A Non-Mother's Day

My mother hasn't ever really been that bothered about Mother's Day. She's the kind of woman that finds meaningless ritual rather tedious, and if gifts or letters have nothing behind them other than obligation, then she'd rather not have them. And she wouldn't resent going without. She's a minimalist in taste and in sentiment. She adores getting gifts that really mean something, on any occasion or day of the year, and gives them freely all the time, but novelty or themed gifts are most definitely not her thing. She's also very generous and would normally try and find a way to spoil others on her own birthday. I ended up treating her to a few home things from The White Company a couple of weeks before Mother's Day, courtesy of the super nice people at Ocean loans as part of their Mother's Day campaign, and then going out with her on the day itself to get coffee. She loves simple floral arrangements so I got her some greenery to put in her new vases.

Going shopping with her always makes me want to start hauling the homeware. I've been eyeing up so many things in the Primark, New Look and H&M home sections lately. I am literally the worst for keeping plants alive (raising a succulent is harder than it looks, guys) but I still give it a shot far more often than I should. Maybe I should settle for having cactus-print sheets or something instead? Or maybe I could start watering that dodgy bit of damp in my bathroom? Idk. I'm not green-fingered. But I like the pots.

This post contains pr samples, please see my Pr page for details

Emoji Fashion Wishlist

emoji fashion, emoji clothes

Devil power bank, Dolls Kill // Emoji heart skirt (on model), Dolls Kill // Cherry necklace, Tatty Devine // Poo emoji pillow, similar on Amazon // Bomb mini bag/purse, SkinnyDip London // Creepy moon phone case, similar on Redbubble

I don't really buy all that many novelty things, as I'm quite minimalist in my day-to-day wear. I own a lot of black jeans and white shirts, and tend to rotate the same outfits pretty much every week, which is why I'll never be a famous fashion blogger. Even though I'm this way in practise, in theory, I am all about colour and silliness. I love fun, ridiculous clothes and accessories, and tend to buy them even if just for the sake of my Instagram. 

Emoji-prints are not something Iever thought I would like, but recently I started really wanting a poop emoji pillow, and after that I started spotting different emoji-themed clothes and homeware everywhere I look. There's emoji bedding in Primark. There's emoji keyrings in Topshop. There's even a guy selling emoji cushions in the fucking street outside Ann Summers, so I've got passive-aggressive moon faces or a happy turd giving me the eye every time I go and buy knickers. Seeing as the whole thing seems very on trend, I thought I'd be trendy and give you a little wishlist of my favourite emoji fashion pieces. If anyone knows where I can find a t-shirt with two milk bottle emojis over the chest, it'd be much appreciated.

Geeking Out

I'm a massive nerd when it comes to many things. Mostly blogging, to be fair, but you all know that already. I've never really "grown up" in the way that most people think of it, and I don't really want to. Sometimes I feel very little inside, even though I'm 25. That littleness is an exciting feeling, not a scary one. I still get overly hyped about Disney pyjamas or a new Tsum Tsum release. I feel most relaxed and happy around people who share this enthusiasm, and who allow me to be a child. Enthusiasm is really all it is, and it should never be lost, regardless of how old we get. I may have a whole arsenal of sex toys, but they sit right next to my BB-8 mug and my Lego, and that's how it should be. Lately I've been hauling quite a few shamelessly geeky, nerdy, and playful things, and going crazy over many different types of toys. Here are some of my more innocuous interests. 

Star Wars: Growing up, Star Wars was my world. It meant so much to me that I was actually livid when I learned they were making yet another movie and that J.J Abrams was going to direct. I have hated all of his movies and couldn't stand the thought of sitting through the director of such delights as Star Trek Into Darkness and Mission: Impossible III take a steaming dump all over my childhood. I swore up and down I wouldn't go and see it, but of course I did, and loved it. I actually cried a little bit whenever they used the original score, and I don't even care who knows at this point.

Disney Merch: I have a really small but steadily growing collection of tsum tsums, and I plan on getting a whole huge pyramid of princesses and anti-heroes. I also go nuts over plastic beakers. mugs, and teddies in the Disney Store. I'm most obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and other old classics, although I do have a soft spot for Frozen and Tangled.

Funko Pops: I've wanted a Funko for absolutely ages but didn't really know which one to get first, until I discovered that they did an American Horror Story series, including my  number one bae, the Rubber Man. Isn't he cute? Look at him there in his latex, all murdery and stuff. Adorable. Come at me, you beautiful trouble-maker. It was meant to be.

iPhone Cases: Since I got my first iPhone last summer I've become really paranoid about buying up cute cases before they stop making them for my model (I have a 5s) and they seem to be getting more and more dorky and embarrassing. I have a watermelon, unicorns, rockets, a bunny and a kitty, and various others. I kind of want one that has something rude on it, like tiny cartoon vaginas or maybe a cute combo swear-word like "asshat" or "clusterfuck". And before you ask, yes, trawling eBay for things like this is how I spend my Wednesday nights.