Star Wars Tsums!

I've been quietly hoping that they would bring out a Star Wars series of Tsum Tsums for ages. When I saw the preview images being released on Instagram a week or so ago I damn near hit the roof and shit my pants all at the same time. Star Wars is by far my favourite Disney-owned franchise, and such a huge, huge part of my childhood that I knew I'd end up getting most of the range. All the characters are from the original trilogy, which I think was a good decision, even though BB-8 would have made a perfect little tsum! Maybe one day they'll do collections for the modern triologies - I can imagine Jar Jar Binks and Darth Maul making awesome tsums as well. From this set I chose Princess Leia (technically my first Disney Princess) Yoda, and Wicket the Ewok to add to my collection. Wicket has to be my favourite - his little buck teeth are so adorable I could cry. I still want to get Chewie and R2-D2, but might go back and pick up a larger version of Chewie when they come into the shops in a couple of weeks. I want to use him as a fluffy cushion. The Tangled collection is being launched on 1st of March as well, so another Princess will definitely be on my wish list.

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