A Beginner's Guide To Rabbit Vibes

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Dream Rabbit Vibrator, from Lovehoney // Knickers from Accessorize // Bunny Ears are vintage

This may come as a shock to you guys, but this here is my very first Rabbit. Don't get me wrong, I've tried a heck of a lot of sex toys in my time - but I guess I must have started at the deep end. I have more experience with tying Japanese rope, inflatable butt plugs, latex hoods with only a hole over the mouth, and chastity devices than I do with the world's best-selling sex toy. I am here to tell you what my first experience was like, and how you can make yours as spectacular as possible.

For a lot of women, myself included, I think there can be a kind of psychological barrier around penetrating yourself with an object (if you are not used to it) which makes us tense up and not enjoy the sensation as much as we would during sex, or if someone else was doing it. I spoke to my friends who had tried Rabbits while I researched this piece, and there seemed to be a rough 50/50 divide between women who absolutely loved them, and women who found them a bit uncomfortable (despite enjoying well-endowed men). Most rabbits aren't particularly big; this one has an insertable length of 5.5 inches, which is around the size of the average penis, so the discomfort that many report is kind of surprising unless you consider how psychologically unprepared a lot of us are for toys (only around 40/50% of Western women have tried  a sex toy, depending on what data you look at, and of that percentage, a huge number is external toys such as bullets). We often forget that just like any sexual act or experience, you sort of have to gear yourself up for it, get your mind and body into the right zone, and relax.

When I first had a go at playing with my new Rabbit, I used a lot more lube than I would during sex. I literally slathered the thing in vanilla H20, and this made things much easier than I was anticipating. The shaft has rotating beads that sit just inside you, and 10 different functions to choose from. Working my way through the settings, I quickly found my favourites and learnt what speeds and combos worked best for me. The lowest speed was more than enough to get me off the first or even second time, and I only needed to increase it or use a stronger pattern once I started to lose sensitivity after several orgasms. Which brings me to the actual orgasms you will get from a Rabbit - this is where it gets interesting. For a lot of women, vaginal orgasms are quite hard to achieve; they need pretty sustained effort. A Rabbit, thankfully, doesn't ever get tired. A Rabbit doesn't ever suddenly change things up just as you are getting close. A Rabbit doesn't just stop for a minute to catch a breather and set you back five days, and it doesn't finish before you do. It's a relentless machine. It'll grind away at you until you make it stop. Because of this sustained, rhythmic pressure, I found I could achieve a blended vaginal/clitoral orgasm within about 5 minutes. The orgasm itself, as I find with most toys, was a continuous pulsating sensation, very different to orgasms reached by manual stimulation, that are usually a bit more sudden and jarring. I didn't need to stop the toy when I got to my happy place, and could carry on all the way through and over my climax and on to the next, which was...satisfying, for want of a better word.

Another great thing about this toy is that you can take it in the bath with you, as it's 100% waterproof silicone. And it's not all that loud either, it's actually one of my quietest toys - more discreet than a wand, and no louder than a bullet. If you used them all together it'd probably make a bit of a racket though. Not that I've thought about doing that or anything.

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