Birthday Wishlist

Rocket iPhone case, SkinnyDip London // D'Fluff shaving soap, LUSH // Jewel "princess" stainless steel butt plug, (similar on Amazon) // "Layla" mother of pearl headphones, Frends // MacBook Air, Apple // Red Roses cologne, Jo Malone // Rubber Man AHS Funko Pop, Funko via Amazon // Alice in Wonderland tsum tsum, Disney Store //

I feel really lucky to have my birthday in January. I may not ever be able to have a beach party or a picnic in celebration, but at least it gives me something to look forward to after Christmas. For most people, January is the most depressing time of the year, but for me it's all about continuing the festivities, starting a new year, and asking again for the things I didn't get at Christmas. I'm shameless like that. This year I'm going to be 25, and I expect I'll want to write about everything that makes me feel, nearer the time. But for now I want to think about the pretty pastel-goth presents, and enjoy.

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