Fun Valentine's Wallpapers For Your iPhone

fun valentine's wallpapers for iphone

Like pretty much everyone, I've had some great Valentine's Days and some not-so-great ones. But I've never had one that was SO SHIT that I ended up in tears. At worst they usually turn out to be a bit of a non-day, spent in my pyjamas or working. In short, I have no beef with Valentine's Day. I've never been dumped on this day, nor had a fight with a paramour, nor a terrible date that ended badly - and I have every reason to expect that this February 14th will be full of joy, so I'm going to run with it. My own personal taste definitely comes into its own at this time of year; hearts, roses, red and pink are all my thangggg. As are sex and romance. Valentine's is basically a big carnival of chocolate and fucking and apologies, so I'm well down for it. To get my series of loosely Valentine's-inspired posts under-way, here's a selection of cute, quirky, fun wallpapers to decorate your iPhone with and get you in the mood.

25 While I Am 25

It is my birthday today. Being 25 seems a frighteningly adult concept. I can safely say, along with every other 25-year-old, that my life is not what I thought it would be by now. There are things I wanted to have "sorted", that are still very much unsorted. There are bits of me that feel "together", and bits that are still very much, well...bits. I read somewhere that thinking you should have your life together by now is a quick way to ruin your twenties, and I'd have to agree. I spent most of my teenage years worrying over things that didn't matter, and that had no impact on my life after all. I haven't really learned much it seems, and still waste time stressing over the trivial. I made no resolutions this year, and instead spent a bit of time thinking over not what I would like to achieve, but how I would like to live. These are 25 little changes that I want to make.

#1 Use all my prettiest things, wear my best clothes, burn my beautiful candles, write in all my cute notebooks. Save nothing for a special occasion.

#2 Forgive

#3 Become a morning person, even if it takes a lot of coffee

#4 Explore all of Europe and most importantly, photograph it

#5 Stop worrying about damage and dye my hair a pastel colour (I have one in mind, but I'm not telling just yet)

#6 Take cute selfies with my lover and be less paranoid about posting them online. I can remember a time when I was less cynical, less scared of who was watching, and I would like to get back there. Not just because they deserve it, but because I do too.

#7 Get macarons from the real Laduree, and Instagram the shit out of them

#8 Finally start taking trapeze, pole, and circus art classes

#9 Get into a proper skincare routine

#10 Ruthlessly clear out everything I own that I would not miss, as often as possible

#11 Get my ears pierced all the way up until I look like a satanic elf

#12 Learn more about photography

#13 Tell people to fuck off when they deserve it

#14 Talk more, and text less

#15 Meet more bloggers that I love, so that I can love them in the flesh

#16 Stop apologising for how specific my coffee order is

#17 Read more books that make me believe in magic

#18 Do kind things, quietly

#19 Spend a day listening to miserable music and making morbid art

#20 Take my camera out more, and stop complaining about the weight like a little lazy bitch

#21 Eat more cupcakes

#22 Sort out the dull, bureaucratic tasks that intimidate me but that need to be done so that I can grow 

#23 Get naked more

#24 Vlog

#25 Take the time to put on lip liner

Winter LUSH Haul: Christmas, Valentine's, And Some Cult Classics

lush winter, lush spring, unicorn horn

lush winter, lush spring, unicorn horn
I'll dive right in because I know you all want to know how these products perform and what they smell/feel like. I was lucky enough to collect most of my stash as Christmas presents. This was the first year I ever really went full-on with all LUSH's winter products, including their Christmas and Valentine's ranges, and I can now proudly say I've tried most of the special editions, and most of the cult classics that I've always wanted to test. This is also the first year I've had a Unicorn Horn, so much excitement all round.

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar: You can't really handle Holly Golightly very much, as you WILL get covered in a film of silver glitter and end up looking like Tin Man. Luckily it doesn't do the same when you chuck it in the bath. It makes a really warming winter soak, scented with clove, patchouli, orange and cinnamon. Fabulous if you love mulled wine.

Strawberry Feels Massage Bar: This is probably one of my all-time favourite LUSH products. It's a really amazing formula that melts just enough in your hands without getting everywhere, and smells like white chocolate and strawberries. It's great on my dry-ish winter skin and absorbs really easily, and is perfect for couple's massage sessions too, being full of aphrodisiac strawberries.

American Cream Hair Conditioner: I've wanted to try this conditioner for such a long time, and it hasn't disappointed me. I heard somewhere that is was great for daily use if you have long hair, and I have to agree. As long as I rinse it properly (not being bothered to rinse for long enough is always my downfall, d'oh) then it leaves my hair shiny and smelling AMAZING. It's not as rich as I thought it would be, so even if your hair isn't super long or super dry, then you might still like this.

Sea Salt and Peppermint Body Scrub: I am kinda obsessed with both salt and peppermint throughout the winter. I adore salted chocolate and peppermint coffee. This scrub has one of the most fantastically mouth-watering scents and leaves you feeling thoroughly polished. Like, smooth as a piece of museum floor kinda polished. If anything I'd say be careful not to over-exfoliate, or the sea salt will really scrub you red raw.

Sticky Banana Soap: This is another thing I wanted purely for the smell, as I have a lot of soap and shower gels already. But I can't resist banana and this struck me as yet another really moisturising cleansing product, which I definitely need.

Porridge Soap: Yet another rich and delicious cleansing product, Porridge comes packed with real oats so it gives you a gentle exfoliation as well, and as with all LUSH products, the smell is amazing. I feel like I could write about LUSH forever with just different versions of "this smells amazing" but it's all totally true.

Unicorn Horn: This is the first time EVER that I've bought one of the famous Unicorn Horns, a special edition bubble bar that LUSH bring out as part of their Valentine's day range. I do wish the range had a few more products this year, as I love the Valentine's Day aesthetic of red and hearts and roses, and all the amazing floral and chocolatey concoctions that are possible. Unicorn Horn is definitely my favourite thing from the range. It turns the water bright pastel pink and makes a beautifully fresh and relaxing lavender and neroli scented bath.

Birthday Wishlist

Rocket iPhone case, SkinnyDip London // D'Fluff shaving soap, LUSH // Jewel "princess" stainless steel butt plug, (similar on Amazon) // "Layla" mother of pearl headphones, Frends // MacBook Air, Apple // Red Roses cologne, Jo Malone // Rubber Man AHS Funko Pop, Funko via Amazon // Alice in Wonderland tsum tsum, Disney Store //

I feel really lucky to have my birthday in January. I may not ever be able to have a beach party or a picnic in celebration, but at least it gives me something to look forward to after Christmas. For most people, January is the most depressing time of the year, but for me it's all about continuing the festivities, starting a new year, and asking again for the things I didn't get at Christmas. I'm shameless like that. This year I'm going to be 25, and I expect I'll want to write about everything that makes me feel, nearer the time. But for now I want to think about the pretty pastel-goth presents, and enjoy.

Sleep Paralysis: A Terrible Kind Of Magic

sleep paralysis, bad dreams, nightmares, dark man dreams

My nightmare is over. At least, it should be. I am laying on my bed and I can see my own familiar room and the tiny round window, like a ship's porthole, making a moon of light on the far wall. As I begin to rouse I feel someone walk into the space, his presence looming over me from the doorway. I can see him from the corner of my eye; a black, shifting shape, larger than my own. Extreme, paralysing dread keeps me somehow still and quiet as he begins to move towards me. If he comes any closer, I think to myself... I will scream. Any closer and I will scream. And yet as he comes, I find I cannot scream. There is no sound to make in the vacuum he has pulled around me. I try to move, and a current of electricity shudders across my shoulders and up the nape of my neck, stunning me into silence as I choke on my own words. I feel him drop and crouch beside me the way you would when speaking to a small child. His fingers find my bare neck in the darkness, and I know he is smiling because I hear it in his voice as he whispers, "have I got your attention now?". 

I've had sleep paralysis since I was a teenager. The disorder can be summed up as the occurrence of vivid hallucinations alongside muscle atonia (paralysis) and is classified as a parasomnia, an unexplained phenomena resulting from an overlap of REM sleep and waking. What this means is that your body is still very much asleep, while your mind is beginning to become aware of your surroundings. In this way it is kind of the opposite of sleepwalking. One theory claims that as a result of becoming aware of our own perfectly natural paralysis, survival instincts kick in, and our senses become heightened to such a degree that we interpret normal sounds, sights and other sensory input as threatening. For example, I once saw my wardrobe turn into a giant cockroach and crawl across my ceiling. What is most unexplained about sleep paralysis is why sufferer's visions are so similar across the board; so similar in fact, that throughout various religions and periods of history, sleep paralysis was taken as proof of a spirit world, witchcraft, or demonic possession. Hallucinations usually fall into one of two categories: the intruder, and the succubus. The former revolve around a sinister presence in the room, a demonic voice, and an overwhelming sense of dread, alongside the muscle atonia, very similar to what's known as Dark Man dreams in psychoanalysis. The latter, however, occur most often when the sleeper is on their back. A male or female creature will be laying/sitting on their chest, either holding them helpless on the bed, or sucking their soul out through their mouth.

Perhaps the cruelest thing about sleep paralysis is that the presence you feel in the room with you gets increasingly threatening the more you resist or try to move. For example, I will only hear a voice once I try to scream, or feel a touch if I try to move. It is like one of those puzzling children's finger traps, weaving a tighter knot around you the more you try to pull away. Paralysis can last from anywhere between a few seconds to a few hours, but most of my attacks last between 5-10 minutes. There are things you can do to help prevent it; managing stress and anxiety goes a long way to managing sleep paralysis, as does avoiding alcohol, drugs, and other stimulants such as energy drinks. Sleeping on your side can also help. If you become aware that you are experiencing paralysis, it's a good idea to calm your body as much as possible, breathe deeply, and not fight it, which is easier said than done. I would also recommend keeping a dream journal of everything you experience while you are under, however much you want to forget. Some of the greatest art in the world was inspired by things people saw because of sleep paralysis, and in this way, we can make it serve some purpose.