The Cassell Family Christmas Tree

My Mum has always been amazing with Christmas trees. When my brother and I were really little, I remember her sending us upstairs to wait while she put up the tree. We used to play with our toys impatiently and ask each other if we thought she might be finished yet. She brought the whole thing together flawlessly and quietly, as if by magic. When she called to us that she was done we would run downstairs and come to an awestruck stand-still in the doorway. As we grew up, we began helping her decorate each year, but I am glad I had those times as a grubby-fingered child when it was done by unseen magic. 

My brother and I are grown now, and every year we have our own tree to decorate. We've inherited some pretty gorgeous ornaments (some of them as old as I am, or older) as well as adding in new magical decorations (mostly from Paperchase or John Lewis) with our own stories behind them. Our tree is always slightly smaller than hers, to fit our smaller home, and it feels like a little offshoot, sprig, or baby to her mummy tree. We try and stick to a rough theme or outline; one year it will be metallic and glacial, and the next it will be a woodland with little foxes and hedgehogs. This year we went for a delicate yet opulent look, with rich jewel tones, velvet, and glass. 

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