Goth Tsum Tsums

I am super specific about the Tsum Tsums I buy. I know it's supposed to be a pile-them-all-in-together kind of thing, but to me, they have to have stand alone quality. I held out from buying one for so long that I only feel vindicated getting characters that I'm properly obsessed with or that have a real sentimental meaning for me. The first one I got was Jack Skellington; adequately goth, and my BFF got his mate, Sally, so it was perfect. For a while he was all by himself, but then the other day I went in search of little Sadness from Inside Out. Sadness was a character I fell in love with almost instantly while on a really fun, romantic trip to the cinema that I'd like to remember.

I have plans to buy more (namely Zero, Elsa, Bambi, and Ariel) but I kind of like just having my two goth Tsum Tsums sitting on my dressing table together. I like to imagine they are conspiring about very dark, miserable things, and becoming the best of friends.

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