The Blogs I'm Made Of

All of us are just a jumble of other people's ideas. At least, that's the way I look at it sometimes. No one is a pure original, and we are only unique because we are all made up of a different combination of parts. As a blogger, I'm made of many different parts. There's the part that wants to write a 900-word journal entry about the thoughts I had while staring out a coach window at 5am. There's the part that wants to make a living doing what I love. There's the part that wants everything in my life to be a reference to a fairytale. And there's the part that just fucking loves a LUSH bath bomb. All of these parts have been fed and nourished by different people, some of whom are listed below, so that maybe they might feed you too.

Scarphelia - Every time I read her blog, Katie reminds me to write like the words are blood. There have been times when I was really conflicted about what I could/should put on my blog, and her unflinching honesty, emotion, and clarity of thought continue to inspire me to make it a place I am proud of, and be damned with anyone else's opinion.

Briar Rose - If there was one blogger who gives me completely unadulterated life-envy, it is Megan. Her fairytale style, cosplay, baking, and simply unbelievable hair make up an infinitely stalkable package. 

Girl Lost In The City - Emma's presence on Twitter alone is like a strong cup of coffee. She makes me want to get up and handle shit. Her blog is full of incredible insight into the media, city life and modern living, and feminism. She works at Glamour and is having her book published very soon. Goals, basically.

Sugarpea - Before she started Sugarpea, Heather was known for Effie's Make-Up Box. Already a successful blogger with a large fanbase, she decided to start all over again, with something she was more passionate about (namely Funko Pops, tsum tsums, and all things pastel and pretty). Her Instagram is true, glorious eye-candy.

Dorkface - Jemma is one of the sweetest people I know (including everyone I've met in the flesh!). Her blog is pure kawaii delight, with inspiring art, craft, and lifestyle posts that always give me wonderful ideas. She recently quit her job and became a full-time creator, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

Amy Valentine - Amy was one of the first "big bloggers" that I found truly inspiring. Her outfits are grungy and sexy, she goes to every festival I can think of, and takes epic photos and VSCO CAM Instas of her adventures. One of my favourite alternative bloggers.

Mascara And Maltesers - Annabel creates one of my favourite beauty blogs. She takes gorgeous, bright white photos from her iPhone, and is absolutely beautiful to boot, which always helps. She always seems to have an unending amount of beautiful flowers around, and her Instagram is unsurprisingly stunning. 

Mermaidens - Kailey is kind of a big deal, in case you didn't know. I've been following her blog for a long time and absolutely adore her candy-coloured, modern-Lolita aesthetic. Her images have been hugely inspiring to me over the years and I still scroll her Insta for ideas.

Fine And Dandy - Claire is a real ray of sunshine in the blogosphere. A true princess, mental health warrior, and friend to all in the community. Her photography, baking, and positivity make for feel-good reading, and I always love reading her words as if I was reading a letter from a friend.

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