LUSH Oxford Street Haul!

Impromptu trips to London are one of my favourite things to do. Especially when I have the whole day to myself. Last weekend I tagged along with my Mum on her work-trip to the big city, just for the sake of getting away from Cardiff for a while and exploring my home-town. I miss London terribly sometimes, particularly the shopping and the night-life. While I was down there I met up with the super-interesting Laila, who I've been speaking to online for years now (she was one of the first ever readers of my blog!) and we had a pint or two in a dusty old man pub near Oxford Circus and put the world to rights. The whole day gave me such a craving for city life and exploration, I came home feeling so inspired to blog and to travel. But anyway, before I lose my focus...

lush oxford street haul
Here's everything I bought in LUSH Oxford Street. The flagship store was even more amazing than I had anticipated, with heaps of products I'd never heard of. My first purchase was the Comforter shower cream, as the smell of purple sweets and Ribena is just heavenly to me. Next I got a Razzle Dazzle bath oil that looks like a tiny pink ball of glitter. It has a lovely raspberry scent, and I love anything that softens water. After that I spotted this STUNNING Cherry Blossom bubble bar. Isn't it amazing? I think this is probably my favourite, as it looks and smells truly magical. Inspired by Briar Rose's Instagram, I picked up a Frozen bath bomb, which makes your bath water look like a glittery swirl of snow, just like in the movie! Lastly, I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Buffy bar, for tackling my dry skin come autumn/winter.

So what do you think of my haul? I'm so excited I could cry, to be honest. I've only been home a few days and I'm already eyeing up the price of an online delivery.

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