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Isn't it great when you're gearing up for a dull Valentine's Day, and it turns out to be amazing? Thanks to a few majorly kind brands, I was one spoilt blogger this year. One of the best packages that came through my letterbox was a parcel from The Body Shop, including some lovely things from their new Smokey Poppy range. I nearly squealed with absolute freaking delight when I saw the huge bottle of Red Musk eau de parfum that was inside. It's a gritty, unique scent that is equal measures sexy and elegant; the kind of thing you wear on a date night when you already know you'll be going home together; or underneath a white shirt and black trousers. It has notes of (cruelty-free) spiced musk, cinnamon and tobacco. The bottle is gorgeous too, a minimalist, chunky design that feels great in your hands.

Along with my Red Musk, I also got a Velvet Stick for Lips and Cheeks in the shade Poppy Bronze, and a Smoky Poppy eau de toilette to add to my ever-growing collection of Body Shop single-note scents. I mean, seriously, I am obsessed with those things. I have at least three more on my wishlist, so go check them out if you haven't already. As for the velvet stick, it's a subtle, matte rosy gold that looks really natural on both lips and cheeks. It's a bit more difficult to spread on the cheeks so I'd recommend putting some on your buffing brush and doing it that way. It smells lovely and compliments my pale skin/red hair colouring, which is quite an ask. All in all I absolutely love this range, and particularly recommend Red Musk if you're looking for one of those androgynous, sexy scents that can be so difficult to find from cruelty-free companies.


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