Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Powder


This is definitely a purchase I made due to the EssieButton Effect. That woman could sell me pretty much anything, even if I hadn't desperately needed a new powder. Until recently I had always just gone ahead and bought whatever talc-based shite that was in front of me, and this is probably the first powder I've ever bought as a result of actually reading good reviews and hype.

It isn't perfectly transparent, so I wouldn't say all skin tones would be able to use it. I do notice it gives my make-up a very subtle yellow-tinge if I use too much, but then, I am exceptionally pale. A little definitely goes a long way, or you risk looking cakey. But it is incredibly long-lasting, easy to apply, and performs well. The only other powder I've ever liked is the Collection one that costs about £1.99, and to be honest, I'm not sure how much better this is, or if it warrants the heftier price tag (it retails at about £13). I definitely enjoy using it and I love the packaging, but as yet I'm unconvinced to repurchase. I am thinking of trying out some of their matte lipsticks next instead, as I definitely want to give this brand more chances to impress. Let me know what you think of S&G below in the comments.

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