I Jumped On The Naked Palette Bandwagon


There is a cult for Urban Decay palettes, but I never knew anything about it until I started blogging. Before I started writing TPC, I never would have even considered spending 50 odd quid on a bloody piece of make-up, but that's what blogging does to you; all normal priorities go straight out the window, and before you know it you're dropping £8 on a drink and wasting ten minutes of your life photographing it, just because it matches your Instagram theme.

Back to the palette. The quality of the eye-shadows is predictably amazing, and they are highly pigmented. The shade I use the most is Nooner, a matte shade for shadowing and crease work. I also really love Dust (a light, sparkly pink) and Burnout (a purply-black that's great for lining). I use Nooner in almost every look I create with this palette; my biggest criticism about the Naked 3 is that it doesn't have enough hard-working shades like that one. Some of the shades I never use at all, mostly because I have no idea what to do with them yet! I'm still frantically Googling "Naked 3 palette tutorial" every time I get ready to go out. A big reason I wanted it so much was because I see the amazingly aspirational women on Pinterest (you know the ones, with the yoga pants and the MK bags) that manage to do INSANE artistry with Naked palettes, and a little part of me wants to be one of them. Practise makes perfect, I guess.


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