My 24th Birthday Outfit


Shirt, Topshop // Skirt, Hollister // Tote Bag, Clarke's

First off, a huge thank you to everyone who sent me lovely birthday messages and tweets on Tuesday, you guys actually made me tear up in Starbucks while I was reading them all!! You are the most AMAZING and supportive online pals in the world, and you totally made my day, so thank you so much. If anything softens the blow of hurtling ever closer to the grave, it's having awesome friends to share the fucked-up journey with. This is just a quick little post to show you what I wore for my birthday (don't worry, I did wear tights and a jacket while I was out...). I've been moaning for ages that I didn't have a grown-up tote I could use for work stuff, and this patent one I got from my Mum is just perfect. It's one of those squeaky, shiny, reflective plastic materials that I'm so crazy for. If I could get a dress in that material I'd probably wear that everywhere as well, although I'd get more stares. Anyway, thank you again to everyone who made my birthday super special, you're all fucking fabulous.

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