Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb is this here cutie with the flower that looks like a clitoris in the middle. Yeah, I said it. You know it does. You can't unsee that. Its scent (jasmine on the top) is quite powerful, in a good way; after I bought it I left it in the bag for a couple of days, just lying about in my room, and it acted as a kind of lovely make-shift air freshener. The white one, Butterball, was a steal at about £2, and a real surprise to me. I was expecting to love the cocoa/vanilla scent, but I wasn't expecting how soft it would make the water! Your bath actually becomes much more moisturising and gentler as your bomb dissolves. For someone who has really sensitive skin, something like this is just a lovely, indulgent touch. It also has ylang-ylang in it, which in aromatherapy treats stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and other nasties. 

I'm going to be going back into Lush soon to get some more bath treats, so I'd love some recommendations from you guys. Leave me the names of your favourite bath bombs down below and I'll review the most popular ones.

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