Life Is Too Short Not To...

Life is too short...not to have the best coffee: No matter what diet regimen I'm on, I will always, always have the coffee I want. Double vanilla syrup? You bet. I couldn't give less of a shit whether a cappuchino has more calories than a latte, or whether skimmed milk has less calories than soya. You got one life to live, and you need good coffee to get through it.

Life is too short...not to have the sex you want: There is nothing more soul-destroying than a sexual relationship that feels like work. Your lover should thrill you beyond belief. Compromise about what you actually DO if you like, but never, ever compromise the passion that drives it all. Passion cannot be forced or faked, and it requires both parties to lose control. Anyone can give you an orgasm. Look for someone who sets your whole body on fire.

Life is too short...not to have the hair you want: It's not shallow to want to look a certain way. Our bodies are the greatest canvases we will ever possess. We all have hair goals and idols, and frankly, why settle for anything less? Don't stress over whether something is a "smart choice" or low maintenance. Shoot for the moon. Do whatever it takes.

Life is too short...not to live where you want to live: For a huge portion of my life, I lived deep in the countryside, and I feel pretty confident in saying, never again. It simply does not agree with my personality, and I found it incredibly difficult to be happy just sitting in a house, reading, and going for walks. For some people that will sound like bliss, and if that's the case, then do it! We're all different and require different environments to be happy. We haven't got enough time to waste on living in a town completely ill-suited to our character.

Life is too short...not to block haters: A while back I was getting quite upset by some of the idiotic and misinformed responses I was getting to my tweets, and I made a decision: If someone disagrees with me, then it's not my problem. If they ask me to explain my opinion or give 50 examples why I hold it, I am not obligated to take time out of my day to educate them on current affairs. I am not a public library. Nowadays, I only really respond to people who's opinion I really respect, and who I will enjoy speaking to. So, use the block button more. It feels amazing.

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