Why I Only Want To Smell Like One Thing At A Time

the body shop vanilla perfume
There is something about single-note scents that I've always loved. When I was younger I used to douse myself in Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library; a wet rocks and dry earth kind of smell that actually makes my mouth water (wanting to eat dirt, sand, rocks, and pavement is one of the many ways in which I am mad). Discovering that The Body Shop do amazing cruelty-free single-note perfumes has been (zero exaggeration) LIFE-CHANGING for me.

There is something so literary about single-note scents. Characters in novels are hardly ever described as wearing an intricate and confusing combination of jasmine, juniper, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang, because that is not memorable, and it doesn't appeal to your own memories. They are described as "the girl who smelt like green apples" or "the boy who smelt like cut grass", instead. Single-note scents, by their very specificity, are more descriptive. They tell you more about a person. Wearing a single-note scent allows you to define yourself absolutely. 

The notes that I think best suit my personality are rose, vanilla, watermelon, cherry, lychee; usually anything along the white-to-blush-to-pink-to-red colour spectrum. During the day I often wear my Flowerbomb dupe, but at night I've been switching to this warmer, sexier vanilla eau de toilette. I plan on going back to The Body Shop to get cranberry, strawberry, and coconut. Part of me really wants to be "the coconut girl". 

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