It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

yankee candle christmas cookieikea holly ligts
Blue Tree Decoration, John Lewis // Candle, Yankee Candle Co // Holly Light Caps, Ikea

It’s that time of year again, for sure. This time around, I’m not holding out until 1st of December. Oh no. The baking starts now. Basically, I’ve had too exhausting a year to wait; I feel like someone needs to come and inject Christmas straight into my femoral artery, like a muscle relaxant that’ll leave me with a dreamy smile and half-closed eyes.

This Christmas will be so different from last year; it will be the first Christmas with me and my brother living independently from our parents, (even though they are practically right next door, haha) and with our own apartment to decorate.  Some people are no longer here to celebrate with us; either because they are in heaven now, or life has simply called them in another direction. Some of us have new obligations, new careers. The most important change of all (not really, but still) is that I have a kitchen all my own, to bake vegan treats in. I’m going to be that annoying girl who stuffs everyone full of cake as soon as they walk through the door. And I’m more than happy with that.

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