Every Day Can Be Halloween

Autumn Make-Up, Halloween Make-Up
Lipstick, in Beguiled, from Topshop // Nail Polish, Jessica // Blush, in Mellow Mauve, from e.l.f // Eyelash Curlers, Shu Uemura // Hairspray, L’Oreal // Eyeshadow, Chanel //

There’s a lot of talk around this time of year about ‘autumn make-up’ and ‘autumn colours’. Everyone gets super, super excited about plum lipsticks, smokey brown eyeshadows, and red vampy nails. I’ve never really been one to follow trends, even seasonal ones, and if a colour suits me, I tend to wear it year round. I’m the kind of person that will wear red lipstick to the beach. Apart from a few really terrible mishaps in my teens (think Caboodles lipgloss all over my teeth and blue Miss Sporty nail polish, and you’re about there) I’ve always stuck to things that suited my skin, hair, and aesthetic, no matter whether they were in season. Saying that, there are a few things that I get out more when the actual, real life season turns and the weather gets colder. Things like eyelash curlers and hairspray come out more, as does powder and blusher. I tend to wear my hair down more, so that the wind doesn’t destroy my ears. I’m quite a low-maintenance person, now I think about it. Which is a more positive way of saying I’m lazy. And I’m all about the positivity.

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