Snow White Make-Up Look

snow white make-up look
Eyeliner pens, e.l.f and eyeko // Mascara, Benefit //  Lipgloss, Bourjois // Eyeshadow quad, Rimmel // Lipstick, Mac // Foundation, Rimmel

Now I really have next to no clue when it comes to make-up. The only things I know, I’ve learnt from watching YouTubers like Essie Button and Arden Rose, while sitting in my onesie and eating Pringles. I don’t have much in terms of products; only recently has make-up become something I will treat myself to when out shopping. I’ve always been a fashion-splurger, and a book-splurger, and a candy-splurger instead. I’ve been known to spend a tenner on Skittles in one weekend. But I’ve managed to build up a little stash of high-quality, essential products that perform really well, and a resume of maybe ten different looks that I know suit me and my colouring. Most of them are based on movie or literary characters, because that’s sort of my thing, in case you hadn’t noticed. During this super-exciting time of transitioning into autumn, the one I’m wearing most is my Snow White look, so I thought I’d show you how I do it. However, really a tutorial. There are so many people who can do that better than I would, and I cba, tbh.

I’ll simply walk you through it. Specific products are not important AT ALL, you can do this look with whatever you have lying around. Start by moisturising your skin really well. Really, really well. And then a little more. Then take your foundation, and using your fingers or a buffer brush, start working it into your skin from the centre of your face, spreading outwards from your t-zone. Add concealer if you need it, but be careful not to make the area around your eyes too white. You want the skin to look natural. I used a matte brown eyeshadow to fill out my eyebrows, then applied a single coat of mascara. We don’t want clumps here. A little eyeliner is optional. And lastly, for the lips, I applied matte red lipstick with a deep red gloss over the top.

What make-up looks are you wearing this autumn? Also, let me know in the comments if you’d like to see me do more beauty looks for famous characters or fairy-tale heroines!

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