My Favourite Lip-Balms

Best Lip BalmsBest Lip Blams
BabyLips, by Maybelline // Beeswax Peppermint Lip-balm, Burt’s Bees // Bee Lippy Fresh Lemon and Lime Lip-Balm*, Bee Fayre // Tin O ‘Tint Strawberry Lip-Balm*, Miners

On the sliding scale of lip-balm addictions, I’d say I’m pretty close to crashing at rock bottom. I’m more of a collector than a junkie, having probably more balms than I do lipsticks – or any other beauty product, in fact. I love everything about them. I’m obsessed with their adorable scents and cute packaging, and I love finding natural ones made from beeswax rather than petroleum, which are becoming more widely available now. It’s a cliché but I DO always have one in my handbag, even if most of the time, I fail to remember to actually USE it. Lip-balm is one of those things that you always forget to use, until your lips look like Hangman’s Rock and you have to slap industrial strength lube on your face to prevent rupture. But I am always the girl that people go to when they need lip-balm. I end up passing a tin around in the girl’s bathroom at clubs until I say to someone ‘you know what, just keep it babe’.

That being said, there are a few balms I’ve discovered recently that I’d be reluctant to share with anyone. My new favourite is the Bee Lippy one by Bee Fayre, in the lemon lime flavour. I cannot even begin to describe how mouth-watering the smell of this is, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. I often open it just to breathe it in. I love strawberry Chapsticks, but this tinned one from Miners is a cuter alternative that leaves a bit more colour as well. The smell of BabyLips is also amazing, although I’m not sure exactly what it is. Grapefruit? I have no idea. And Burt’s Bees lip products obviously need no introduction, they’ve earned their place in the lip-balm hall of fame. Let me know in the comments what you use on your face when things start to get cracky.

The Soundtrack To My Sex Life

Music is something deeply specific to each person. I believe it would be impossible for there to be two people who had exactly the same taste and responses to sound. It is simply too personal. And yet it unites us all. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy some form of music. I read somewhere that that is because melody, rhythm and harmony are universally pleasing to the human brain, so that no matter what our tastes may be, we will always enjoy something. Finding someone who shares your tastes closely enough to be able to agree on sex music, however, is still a big ask. No one on my (admittedly short) list of ex-lovers had anywhere near my taste in music, although I did try to find common ground for the purposes of creating a kinky soundtrack to use in *intimate* moments. Music has always made me feel sexy, and want to move; it can completely control my mood, so that my emotions follow the melody and my pulse throbs in time with the beat. I am constantly on the hunt for new music, and my preferred listening material ranges widely across genres. But as I put together this playlist, I did notice a leaning towards the industrial, synth-pop, EBM side of things, and decided to make that the overall theme. I think that goes perfectly with who I am as a sexual being, or rather, sex pest.

Some of my picks are outrageous fuck-songs that I listen to alone and think about what an amazing sex life I’ll have one day when I find someone who has the same musical taste as me, and others that are attached to some real-life memories. I hope you guys are ready for the filth. Enjoy.


VNV Nation - Control

This track is a recent discovery of mine, that I heard first heard on the dancefloor while out at a goth/alt night in Cardiff. I googled the lyrics when I got home and have been playing it on heavy rotation, especially when I'm making art or working. The energy in this song is incredible. Hearing lead singer Ronan Harris growl 'I want control' right before the base drops is enough to get me there, to be perfectly honest.  

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

I've made a lot of art about this song, and I listen to it at least once a week. It's one of my favourite all-time tracks, not just something I put on to get in the mood for a shag. I relate deeply to the lyrics and with Trent Reznor's narrative of sex as escape - freedom from one's self. It mixes the absolutely base primal impulses and compulsions with death-like transcendance perfectly. The line 'you get me closer to god' is everything.

Lana Del Rey - Lolita

Almost everything by Lana is incredibly sexy and sensual, and perfect for setting a darkly romantic mood. I love her soft ghetto Lolita vibe, and she gets away with whispering some pretty provocative lyrics. If you're looking for them (as I am) you'll notice she plays many different sexual roles and characters in her videos, which are unfailingly steamy. I can't help thinking that her mind works very much the way mine does, and I'm pretty sure I'll adore her forever. It was hard picking just one track but in the end I went with this one for its overall theme and, and I like this home-made montage video.

Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up

Well, heck, what can I say about this song? It's not for the faint-hearted. If you can handle the absolutely relentless speed of it then it's a great one to lose yourself to. Combichrist are actually an amazing band within the industrial rock genre, who have churned out some epic goth-trance bangers over the years. Check out 'Get Your Body Beat'  and 'Fuck Machine' as well if you like the sound of them. 

How To Make Stuff

Creativity Tips For Bloggerscreativity tips for bloggerscreativity tips for bloggers

Sometimes life is not at all inspiring. Sometimes, life is really shit. There are days when I spend an embarrassingly long time deciding whether I should wash my greasy hair or spray on more dry shampoo, or whether there's much point in getting dressed. We all hope that if we find the key to creativity, or learn enough tips from those who have - if we learn the secret that all those other bloggers have (who are they, these competitors? Are they real? Or, to paraphrase Nine Inch Nails, have we just made them up to hurt ourselves?) - that we’ll start magically spewing artistic gold all over the place like so much creative vomit. But that really is a misconception. Some people’s ‘creativity’ is really discipline. Mine is probably nothing more sophisticated or glamorous than my hormonal cycle. I certainly have an artistic temperament, even when I am making nothing of any significance. I find it hard to focus on menial tasks, and my mind wanders a lot. I get ideas at strange times of the night, or in strange places. I feel I have no choice but to drop whatever I’m doing and follow my instincts. Everybody works in different ways, but some things about creativity are universally true. The more you use, the more you have. You cannot run out. It is a force that can be harnessed, once we learn how our individual creativity works.

There are a lot of tips around for bloggers, on how to maintain your creativity, how to “stay inspired”. None of them have ever worked for me, and I’m sure many of you reading would say the same. But there are some very common hurdles to creativity we all have to get past before we allow ourselves to be artists, and so I thought I’d share some of mine. These obstacles are very difficult to jump over, but coming up against them is a natural and often essential part of getting what is inside you out into the world.

Lack of Energy/Impetus: We all have those days when we get out of bed and just go, ‘nah’, and get straight back in. This is especially true for people like me, who freelance and work at home, and have no office to go to. I find it helpful to leave my phone out of reach of my bed, or even my room, so that I’m not tempted to stay under the covers and browse Twitter until noon. Hours can go by in bed, staring at a phone. Get the fuck up and make some breakfast. It is easy to allow yourself to become distracted before you have even begun, but you must push through, or examine where your lack of creative libido comes from. Is it a natural dip in your creative cycle? Or are you hiding away from possible failure, disappointment, or what it would mean to be successful with your project?

Procrastination: This is my biggest obstacle to being creative. It can appear very similar to my first point. The hardest part is figuring out where your real procrastination time is spent. Everyone knows that the time we spend on YouTube watching beauty-haul videos isn’t the most productive. But it’s a little harder to admit that your relationship drama is draining you, or your toxic friends are using you for emotional labour and giving nothing back. Look for the real sources of procrastination in your life. What do you do, to avoid focusing on your art?

Comparison: Do. Not. Compare. Yourself. To. Anyone. Ever. Seriously, why would you do that? Focus on your own shit. Don’t look at what other people are doing. Stop looking at the other girl. She’s busy focusing on herself. What is meant for her will find her, no matter what you do, and what is meant for you can never be snatched by another. Stay in your lane and keep moving forward. I have found it helps to ask myself if I am spending more time creating or consuming, and if the answer is the latter, I work on redressing the balance. You were not made to stare longingly at someone else's Instagram pictures.

Self-Doubt: I have literally no tips for this that won't sound patronizing and "easier said than done". Self-doubt is a bitch, but it's most often linked to other issues in this list, and can be helped with their solutions. You just have to push through and battle your demons. Literally everyone I know struggles with this, so in a sense, I guess my only tip is…get used to it. We are all in the same boat. Make things anyway. 

Snow White Make-Up Look

snow white make-up look
Eyeliner pens, e.l.f and eyeko // Mascara, Benefit //  Lipgloss, Bourjois // Eyeshadow quad, Rimmel // Lipstick, Mac // Foundation, Rimmel

Now I really have next to no clue when it comes to make-up. The only things I know, I’ve learnt from watching YouTubers like Essie Button and Arden Rose, while sitting in my onesie and eating Pringles. I don’t have much in terms of products; only recently has make-up become something I will treat myself to when out shopping. I’ve always been a fashion-splurger, and a book-splurger, and a candy-splurger instead. I’ve been known to spend a tenner on Skittles in one weekend. But I’ve managed to build up a little stash of high-quality, essential products that perform really well, and a resume of maybe ten different looks that I know suit me and my colouring. Most of them are based on movie or literary characters, because that’s sort of my thing, in case you hadn’t noticed. During this super-exciting time of transitioning into autumn, the one I’m wearing most is my Snow White look, so I thought I’d show you how I do it. However, really a tutorial. There are so many people who can do that better than I would, and I cba, tbh.

I’ll simply walk you through it. Specific products are not important AT ALL, you can do this look with whatever you have lying around. Start by moisturising your skin really well. Really, really well. And then a little more. Then take your foundation, and using your fingers or a buffer brush, start working it into your skin from the centre of your face, spreading outwards from your t-zone. Add concealer if you need it, but be careful not to make the area around your eyes too white. You want the skin to look natural. I used a matte brown eyeshadow to fill out my eyebrows, then applied a single coat of mascara. We don’t want clumps here. A little eyeliner is optional. And lastly, for the lips, I applied matte red lipstick with a deep red gloss over the top.

What make-up looks are you wearing this autumn? Also, let me know in the comments if you’d like to see me do more beauty looks for famous characters or fairy-tale heroines!

Racing From The Rising Tide To My Father's Door

It’s been a long time since I gave you guys a little blogger house-tour. Some of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning will have seen glimpses here and there, but even then, I doubt there are very many among you who know where, and with whom, I actually live. It’s one of the only things I’ve been even remotely secretive about; partly because for a long time, home has been a difficult subject for me. It’s been a source of stress, worry, and feelings of frustration. If you’ve read my ‘About’ section you’ll have seen that I move around a lot; usually between my father’s house in Pembrokeshire, my mother’s apartment in Cardiff, and my friend’s flats in London (if I’m lucky). I have never thought of it as my ‘home’, but the only place I really have my own space is in my dad’s place in Pembroke. That has been my base for a few years now, even though there have been times when I have truly hated it and wouldn’t even let my friends come and visit me there. My father isn’t the tidiest of people (no points for spotting the massive understatement) and Pembroke has got to be one of the most soul-crushingly banal places on Earth. I share the upstairs floor of the house with my brother, and my dad has the downstairs. I’ve managed to carve out a haven for myself despite not really wanting to; I’ve seen my friends and my family move on to better places, and for a long time I’ve felt stuck in limbo, unable to join them or move along my own path. After I leave, I probably won’t come back here for a very, very long time; and so I thought I should record it while I still have the chance.

blogger house tour

It’s not your typical blogger space. I have my fair share of Yankee candles and decorative orchids lying about, but there is also a lot of random things that no one else wanted, and boxes of stuff I’ve kept in storage. Most of it isn’t photogenic at all, and huge clear-outs are a weekly occurrence in my hoarder household. All my furniture is either an antique or from Ikea. I have two wardrobes full of clothes, and an exposed rail as well. You could say I have a lot of shit. I’m lucky in that my bedroom is really big, by far the largest room in the house, and there’s plenty of room for my king-size sleigh bed that my mum palmed-off to me. Its slats are nearly broken and if you sit down on the bed too abruptly the whole thing falls through, which stopped being funny about two years ago. My windows are really old, single pane glass back from when the house was first built, so when the wind blows outside, it blows in my room too. On the rare occasion that I do have guests over to the house, my bedroom serves as living room, kitchen and sleeping area. And in the evenings it is where my brother and I watch movies and pig out on my bed. I do not think I will miss it when I am gone; I think I will be too busy putting together my new life to think about the past. But I might be wrong.

blogger house tourblogger house tourblogger house tourblogger house tour