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perspex acrylic jewelleryperspex acrylic jewellery
Camisole, Topshop // Necklace and earrings*, both Dark Jinx

I am a huge, huge fan of Perspex and acrylic jewellery. When I was growing up the idea of a Tatty Devine name-plate necklace was the height of cool (as it is now, actually…) and ever since then I’ve been adding new bits to my collection, hunting out especially quirky designs wherever I can find them. I came across Dark Jinx on Twitter and immediately started coveting their entire line! They’ve only just launched their first collection, a really eclectic, kooky mix of patterns and colours with a plastic-fantastic, futuristic vibe. As soon as I saw them I completely fell in love with these mermaid earrings (we’re all mermaids, deep down, and don’t let anyone tell you different). I love anything even remotely fairy-tale themed or whimsical, especially with my jewellery. I don’t wear all that much, but when I do I like to wear bright statement pieces that are worth the hassle.

The other piece I picked was this Tox necklace, which reminded me of something designed for the band Chvrches, because it’s so geometric! It makes me think of space and meteors and diamonds and alien life-forms. The plastic is super reflective and mirror-like, and goes beautifully over black clothes or bare skin. I wear it with a black skater dress or on top of a silver silk camisole. How do you guys feel about plastic jewellery? Is it something you wear a lot too? Let me know below in the comments!

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog-post front recently, I’ve just had so much life shit getting in the way of doing what I want to do. Normal service will now resume. A huge thank you to everyone who entered my teapigs giveaway, it was such fun to do that I plan on holding another one when I get to 600 Bloglovin followers, so if you aren’t following me already, then, well, what you playing at?


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