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I never really wore much pink growing up. It was something I only got into in my late teens, and even today I only have a few pieces in my wardrobe that I actually wear. One of my pink staples is this backpack;  it has been absolutely everywhere with me over the last couple of years. It was a Christmas present from my late grandmother, given in a completely innocent spirit, because she knew I liked Hello Kitty; but it’s been to the seediest places imaginable, and some unimaginable. I use it as an overnight bag whenever I go on adventures to London, and it carries all my equipment when I go on photo-shoots.

One of the reasons I love this shirt from Truffle Shuffle is because it has a little accent of pink on grey and white, so it’s super wearable. The dripping font is what first caught my eye, but I also love the looks people give me when they focus in on my chest to try and read it; from men and elderly women, it’s just complete confusion, but girls my age smile at me and we have a little moment for Gretchen Wieners. The only thing I would say about the shirt is that Truffle Shuffle sizing is a bit big, so you might want to go a size smaller. I’m a UK size 10 usually, so I got a Small, but it’s massive on me! Good thing I like baggy clothes. I wore it to go running last night and felt far more fabulous than usual. Although I really should get rid of those leggings with the hole in the arse, they’re not making me feel so great. I’ve started running LOADS lately so if anyone knows any great tips or cool fitness blogs, hook me up below in the comments.

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