I See A Red Door And I Want It Painted Black

summer goth outfit
crop top and heels, both New Look // skirt, George at Asda // bag, Chanel

I’d say about 80% of my wardrobe is black. I love wearing all-black, even in the summer, when most people are in yellow tank tops and tie-dye shorts. In warmer weather I don’t like heavy fabrics or piled-on jewellery weighing on my skin; instead I tend to go for girly shapes and slightly retro styles, but in dark colours. It usually results in this kind of ‘summer goth’ look that I love. No frills, no bling – just feminine, monochrome clothes that are cool enough to wear through July. This skirt is so short that I don’t wear it out much in ‘real life’, but it looks decent on camera so I thought I’d show off my newly muscular thighs – I just finished a 30 day squat challenge and I’m feeling strong, like bull.

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