Get A Little Bit Of Bourbon In Ya, Get A Little Bit Suburban And Go Crazy

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All clothes and jewellery, either vintage or model’s own // Model – Katie Parker at Whips and Furs

Here is another instalment of all the photos I took with Katie during our weekend of full-on photographic adventure in Barry, just outside Cardiff. We found the most amazing brick wall (in a forest, of all places) that had some epic light, and we set up camp there for hours, with only a few people and a couple of dogs disturbing our makeshift creative studio. At one point poor Katie did get accosted by a lecherous drunk outside of a Coral in the city centre, but after teaching him some manners it was all straight-sailing from there! I don’t know what it is with bald, midget football fans who spend their Friday mornings drinking lager outside of a betting shop that makes them think they are such an attractive prospect, but they sure do take the piss.

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