What’s In My Bag: Evening

what's in my bag
Most days I lug around a huge shoulder bag or tote full of various crap that doesn’t bear mentioning. When I’m going to or from my boyfriend’s place, or visiting my mum, I usually have a backpack so big that I need a back rub when I get to the other end. Everything I love seems to be extraordinarily heavy, and although I am one of the most experienced packers I know, I can never manage to get it light enough to be comfortable. I always need my laptop, because I work online. So all my chargers and other kit has to come too. I also need a hairdryer; various shoes for the changeable Welsh weather; my DSLR. In the end my luggage is so cumbersome that I’m forced to walk as if I’m welcoming guests to Castle Frankenstein. Needless to say, I relish those rare, beautiful days or nights when I don’t need to carry five days worth of clothes around with me, and can just relax with one of my favourite clutch bags. It is damn near impossible to build a stylish outfit around a gap-year sized crippler of a backpack (believe me, I’ve tried) so when I’m travelling, I tend to dress like a woman who has completely given up on life. There is loads of stuff around about how to look good when travelling, but it’s never worked for me. I always end up looking homeless, or like a soccer mum from 80’s suburbia who’s been thrown into her closet head first and dragged out by her feet. So I like my leave-everything-behind-and-take-the-Chanel days. They are important for my soul. And my back.

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