What’s In My Bag, For Realsies

what's in my bag
Hey guys. It’s been ages since I’ve shown you anything like this so I thought I’d get my act together and let you in on a little voyeurism! This is all stuff that I usually have in my bag, with no edits really besides the fact that I’ve taken my wallet out of the shot because it’s not interesting in the slightest. I would normally have my camera in there too but obviously I’m taking the picture with it, so I can’t take a picture OF it at the same time, that would be impossible, duh. Physics and shit.

I guess a lot of it is exactly what you would expect from me; Topshop carry-all, vegan sweets, sex toys. But I wanted to show you what else I’m loving at the moment, which are my new make-up essentials. Like you’ll have seen in my last haul, I only just got L’Oreal Infallible Foundation, but it’s already replaced my usual True Match. I haven’t road-tested it thoroughly yet, but at the moment it’s looking good and it’s staying in my handbag for the foreseeable future. On top of that I’ve been loving Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (all those Tanya Burr tutorials are to blame!) and Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo because my boyfriend loves it on me. For fringe-devotees like me some dry shampoo is always essential, and lately I’ve had the lovely cherry scented one from Batiste. Like lots of people I tend to carry around a spare change of pants with me (why don’t any bloggers include them in their posts too? Shy bitches) just in case I end up not going home. Unlike lots of people, I also carry around a lockable collar 24/7. Even though I don’t wear it constantly, I still like to have it with me; it’s kind of a security blanket in some ways, and reminds me of my boyfriend when I’m out in the world alone. I’ve also recently joined the Debenhams Beauty Club, so I’ve had that new card banging around in my bag. I’m thinking of the points already, and planning my next spree….all that Mac lipstick is calling me.

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