Day Two In London: Portobello Market, The V&A, Victoria, Westminster, The West End, Covent Garden

Another massive photo-dump of a post, but whatever, I have a shiny new 60D to play with! I feel so powerful when I hold it… like I am the biggest dick in the room, but with boobs too. And that’s a good feeling. It really is. I look at other sight-seers with their puny cameras and I laugh at their charming naivete and greenhorn technology!!! Mwahahahahah!!!! Even though I still have no idea what half the buttons mean.
On our second day in London, we got up super early (who’s terrible idea was that? Oh) and went to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. We looked at old maps and lizard-skin handbags, and found an amazing gem of a lingerie shop, What Katie Did, which makes the most beautiful 50’s corsets and conical bras you will ever see in your life. After that we headed to Kensington to meet my friends for some Spanish food and wine, so that I could finally introduce them to my other half. They gave me the most adorable belated birthday gift, something that deserves a post all of it’s own.
And then we went on a long walk. A long, long walk through London as the sun went down and the Saturday night crowds came out. We went all the way from Victoria, up to Buckingham Palace and down The Mall, watching the London Eye turn slowly as it got colder and colder, and my beloved had to put my hands in his pockets. We walked through Charing Cross and Leicester Square and Piccadilly, and the late markets in Covent Garden. When we grew too tired to walk anymore, we dived into a cinema and caught a late showing of a movie, him feeding me chocolate buttons in the dark, me licking his fingers.

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