But I’ve got so much wickedness and sin: part 2

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men are coming to take me away

Art Bloggers Holly Cassell
Art Bloggers Holly Cassell

I don’t really have the words, because I’m considering a new way of thinking. Maybe soon I will. Right now I’m not sure if I’m running away, or running towards. I hope I haven’t put my self in danger, because this feeling of safety is strange and suspicious to me; it makes me think something is about to pounce. I am afraid of what I might do, and that I will lose my soul inside my own darkness. I am not afraid of what can be done to me, because ultimately, that would not be my fault. I am afraid of what I will allow, and what I will enjoy, and who I will become by entering a world with few limits. Or letting a beast into my life and heart, who could crush the life from me if he chose. Do I become safer, as he draws me closer? Or will I feel the bite of his claws through my dress if my surrender is anything less than total?