You spoke like broken thunder deep into the centre of me

Most of the scrapbook art I’ve put on this blog so far has been about  pain, pleasure, obsession, secrets, manipulation, loss, the fear of loss, and yearning. All the pages that are now in my Artwork section are drawn from the darker side of my life and self - from nights spent with people that enjoyed giving me pain, in one way or another, and whose torture I sought as if there were nothing else worth having. From nights spent in tears, or re-reading emails until they lost the ability to make me smile. None of it has been about love. They were about the absence of love, which can sometimes feel like the same thing. I’ve started a new scrapbook recently, one given to me by Maija, and so far the pages are very gentle, and focus on 3D embellishment. And they’re totally free of bondage, you’ll be happy to see. I wouldn’t say they are about love exactly, either…but I’m getting there. Hopefully one day I will be able to make something unashamedly romantic without vomiting into my Earl Grey, but that day is not come yet. 

Art Bloggers Holly CassellArt Bloggers Holly CassellArt Bloggers Holly Cassell
The original photo-spread underneath my text/embellishment is from Lula Magazine, and was shot by Yelena Yemchuk.

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