you get me closer to god

For a little while now I’ve been working on  a series of scrapbook pages based on different sexual archetypes, or personas in fantasy role-play. It started out as a sort of game between me and the man in my life. At first it never crossed my mind that I might show them on my blog. I made them just for him, to express my own ideas around each persona. I’ve left out the most explicit ones, but some of you might still find them objectionable, and I’m sorry for that. The reason I’ve decided to make them public rather than keep them hidden is because some of these pages are among my all-time favourites – and what would be the point in having a blog full of my second-best work?  The words I used are nearly all taken from books, songs, or poetry that to me, just fit in with each persona. All the images I used are from mainstream fashion magazines. Fashion is a surprisingly sexual industry, sometimes.

The characters I chose to explore are ones that I find artistically, academically, historically or dramatically interesting. From top to bottom, they are titled: Pet, Assistant, Maid, Virgin, Courtesan, Slave, Stripper, Captive, and Doll. I would love to know which ones people like…and which ones they don’t. We are such dirty, fascinating creatures, after all.

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