you get me closer to god - part 2

Here is the sequel, as promised. I should warn new readers that the content is adult, although, again, nearly all the images are from mainstream fashion magazines. Most of them aren’t meant to be ‘sexy’ – that would be boring. What I really wanted to do was create something that looked as though it was made through my own specific sexual filter. I think everyone has their own way of translating images we see or things we experience in the world, and our own way of sexualising that input – and I wanted to show what mine looks like. There’s a lot of pain behind a couple of them, and I wanted to include that too. Simply to externalize the internal, if I may be so predictable as to reference Ghost World.

I couldn’t really come up with proper titles for these ones, as they aren’t based on personas, only ideas and my own experiences. But for the sake of clarity of reference, let’s call them… Submission, Hussy, Sext, Pin-Up, Femme, Prey, Lolita, Hades and Persephone, Mistress, and Little One (from top to bottom).


Most of the words in these collages are taken from my own life, with two exceptions. The text on the left hand page of my Prey collage is taken from a story by Angela Carter called The Erl-King, about sexual threat and the primordial fear of the forest. The text on the left page of my Mistress collage is from the song Home by Austra. I got the idea for the butterflies in my Submission page after I was sent a link to some sterling silver butterfly nipple clamps from Coco de Mer…which I know is a strange thing to mention on a blog that mostly deals in nail art and indie music, but still, fascinating, no? And I wouldn’t want to compartmentalise myself. It might sound terribly blasé, but I made some of these collages while watching Frasier - and that’s sort of the spirit in which I’d like them to be taken, I think.

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