and in the spring I shed my skin and it blows away with the changing wind

Holly Cassell Fashion Blogger
I love Alice In Wonderland. And I know I’m not alone in that either (yeah Snow, that’s you!). She is a character with a serious Persephone Complex. I’ve had this dress for ages, and have never worn it out because, well, let’s be honest, it makes me look about 12. And I’m 22. But that’s okay - I’ve kept it all this time because I knew it would make a good Alice dress for my blog one day, so here it is! It’s from Topshop, according to the label, but I found it in a charity shop. I thought I’d team it with my favourite socks and my little gingham backpack (which you can’t see here but still, it’s all a part of the mood or whatever). Instead of an Alice-band, (which I thought would make me look 7 at best) I used a white and lilac ribbon. Now where's that rabbit?

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