touch me I’m cold, and wild as the wind blows

This is a little collection of some spring and Easter stuff I’ve gathered. I’ve bought an absolute shit-ton of nail varnish recently, to experiment, including these three from Claire’s and Rimmel, and although I really like the colours, the formula is pretty crap in all of them (it took me three coats to get a solid colour) which I suppose is to be expected considering they only cost 2 or 3 pounds each. I’ve found that white is a total necessity for almost all the nail art I like, so I really need to invest in a good one – if anyone knows a great white nail varnish that gives a really solid colour, pleases leave a comment, it would be most appreciated! 

I hope to start re-reading Lolita soon, as I do every year when the weather begins to get warm. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately (probably because I spend so much time over at Bianca's blog, haha); I miss little Lo through the winter. I like to read it on the days when I’m sunbathing out in my garden; it reminds me of the very first time, when I was 12, spending my days having water-fights and dancing to Destiny’s Child, and my nights reading literature that I was only just beginning to be able to understand.

Also, in other news, yours truly is now on Twitter! So everyone reading this, come and follow me, and I’ll follow you right back. My very Twitter-adept friends tell me it’s best to stick to one or two subjects, so I’m just going to tweet about style and my personal life.  You can tweet me @hollycassell. I wanted to be @pcomplex, but it was already taken. Dagnamit! Anyway, come follow me and all that jazz.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful day, full of creativity and the kind of texts that make your heart skip a beat.

sunglasses – Primark // tin – Emma Bridgewater // dove bag – Waitrose // nail polish – Rimmel and Claire’s // everything else vintage or unknown. That edition of Lolita is from Penguin.    

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