And then she did a dance I never saw before…!

five frame gif

I downloaded GIMP yesterday, a pretty cool piece of free editing software, and this is my first creation! I thought I’d show you what happens when I put heels on that are too high for me to stand in! I end up doing a ridiculous dance that resembles The Funky Chicken, only with legs. Even though it looks incredibly basic, this animation took me FUCKING AGES to make because I had to figure out how the program works and everything, and there’s this weird thing called Intelligent Scissors that I couldn’t get the hang of, then one of the pictures got saved as the wrong size so every time it flashed up the GIF got a little bit smaller, and I’m too anal to let that go, so I had to make it again et cetera et cetera, and then, BAM, it was done and there was a little fidgety me who looks like she’s from Manhattan in 1969. Isn’t she cool?! I wish I looked that cool. I’m jealous of her. I mean me. I mean, what?

skull purse- New Look // feather earrings- H&M //antlers- Sia // cotton rose-petals- Sia // moustache keyring- Paperchase // notebook (under keyring)- Diasy de Villeneuve for Topshop // everything else is either a gift, or vintage

Animated me is wearing- top from H&M // vintage skirt // platform shoes- New Look // sunglasses- Primark

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