touch me I’m cold, and wild as the wind blows

This is a little collection of some spring and Easter stuff I’ve gathered. I’ve bought an absolute shit-ton of nail varnish recently, to experiment, including these three from Claire’s and Rimmel, and although I really like the colours, the formula is pretty crap in all of them (it took me three coats to get a solid colour) which I suppose is to be expected considering they only cost 2 or 3 pounds each. I’ve found that white is a total necessity for almost all the nail art I like, so I really need to invest in a good one – if anyone knows a great white nail varnish that gives a really solid colour, pleases leave a comment, it would be most appreciated! 

I hope to start re-reading Lolita soon, as I do every year when the weather begins to get warm. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately (probably because I spend so much time over at Bianca's blog, haha); I miss little Lo through the winter. I like to read it on the days when I’m sunbathing out in my garden; it reminds me of the very first time, when I was 12, spending my days having water-fights and dancing to Destiny’s Child, and my nights reading literature that I was only just beginning to be able to understand.

Also, in other news, yours truly is now on Twitter! So everyone reading this, come and follow me, and I’ll follow you right back. My very Twitter-adept friends tell me it’s best to stick to one or two subjects, so I’m just going to tweet about style and my personal life.  You can tweet me @hollycassell. I wanted to be @pcomplex, but it was already taken. Dagnamit! Anyway, come follow me and all that jazz.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful day, full of creativity and the kind of texts that make your heart skip a beat.

sunglasses – Primark // tin – Emma Bridgewater // dove bag – Waitrose // nail polish – Rimmel and Claire’s // everything else vintage or unknown. That edition of Lolita is from Penguin.    

bright-white clubbing…oh isn’t it wild?

SCRAPBOOKIN’….WE’RE….SCRAPBOOKIN’ *sung in the tune of Iggy Pop’s ‘Nightclubbing’*

still alive who you love

                      Perth- Bon Iver

The woods are starting to look beautiful now. I’ve been back in Wales for a few days now and am fully recovered from my insane time in London. My life has been behaving very strangely the last week or so, taking me up and then throwing me back down again. I’m not quite sure what kind of person I am anymore. Maybe that’s a good thing? Sometimes my own confidence scares me. The things I’m capable of doing scare me; and not just capable, but drawn to, as if it were my nature. I woke up today and had a fresh perspective, and new circumstances to deal with. My opinion of myself is slightly adjusted- brought up to date. It’s a really sunny day here and to be honest I feel like that’s a gift from God- if it wasn’t I’d probably be in my room listening to crazy-arse techno-goth music, trashing my room and painting a six-foot tall mosaic of Jesus on The Cross with lots of tiny junkie goblins at his feet (or some such bullshit). But I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to join Facebook. Peer pressure and curiosity has finally gotten the best of me, and now that it’s fashionably late (haha) for me to join, I thought I’d see what all the fuss is about. So if anyone wants me to add them, leave a link in a comment :) and I’ll get right on it. It’s going to be the most stupid bum-fuck profile in the whole freaking world, but still. Feel free.

The reason my last post is gone is because the GIF wouldn’t behave itself (it was supposed to be poking my tongue out really slowly) so I tried to edit it and then accidentally reverted to draft and lost my comments. Damn. Thanks to everyone who left a message, I did read them all :)

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day that doesn’t make you question your own sanity too intensely. 

come and take me to the real heartache

Lately I’ve been going out into the forest and trying to find signs of spring. I took these photos in the long grass, where in the spring and summer you can walk through on a little path that gets flooded over in the winter. It looks warm here, and it was; even though these are all the dead stalks from last year, that didn’t seem to matter much. No one goes there except the occasional dog-walker, so I don’t worry about looking insane. I was feeling very nostalgic, and sang this to the sun and my own shadow...

And then she did a dance I never saw before…!

five frame gif

I downloaded GIMP yesterday, a pretty cool piece of free editing software, and this is my first creation! I thought I’d show you what happens when I put heels on that are too high for me to stand in! I end up doing a ridiculous dance that resembles The Funky Chicken, only with legs. Even though it looks incredibly basic, this animation took me FUCKING AGES to make because I had to figure out how the program works and everything, and there’s this weird thing called Intelligent Scissors that I couldn’t get the hang of, then one of the pictures got saved as the wrong size so every time it flashed up the GIF got a little bit smaller, and I’m too anal to let that go, so I had to make it again et cetera et cetera, and then, BAM, it was done and there was a little fidgety me who looks like she’s from Manhattan in 1969. Isn’t she cool?! I wish I looked that cool. I’m jealous of her. I mean me. I mean, what?

skull purse- New Look // feather earrings- H&M //antlers- Sia // cotton rose-petals- Sia // moustache keyring- Paperchase // notebook (under keyring)- Diasy de Villeneuve for Topshop // everything else is either a gift, or vintage

Animated me is wearing- top from H&M // vintage skirt // platform shoes- New Look // sunglasses- Primark