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I’ve been trying to switch some things around in my room to make it more spring-like, and lighter. When I took these photos the sun was really shining, and even though it’s still cold I do feel like winter, as a season, is over, and it’s time to get the bunny ears out. Sometimes I just wear them around the house. They do put me in a good mood, but I should warn anyone thinking of getting some that trying to bitchface is really difficult when you’re wearing velveteen rabbit ears. No one takes you seriously. In fact I’d go so far as to say that most people will think it’s silly, so if you have one of those phobias about people pointing and staring and laughing, I wouldn’t recommend it. For the people who have a secret masochistic fantasy about people pointing and staring and laughing…do it. It works.

The locket in the first picture is something that I’m really excited about. My Mum has had it for years and has finally given it to me! I love it so much, and I can’t wait to start wearing it out (I’m still a bit scared of losing it, so I just keep taking pictures of it instead) and finding something tiny to keep inside it! My Mum used to keep things like my baby teeth or hair in it, so it might stay empty for a while yet *gulp*

Oh, and the camera on my bedside table is an old EOS 5000. That takes actual film. FILM. From a time before digital, in a land of shadows and tears, where the little boys and girls cried themselves to sleep because they couldn’t delete their shit photos and try again. 

bunny ears, Waitrose // sausage dog toy, Teacups and Roses // knitted slippers, Toast // smiley bracelet, Claire’s // blue tights, New Look // knitted heart decoration, Sia //everything else is either vintage, or was a gift.

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