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 I’ll be going to Secret Garden Party for the first time ever this summer, and I’m SO EXCITED! This is the kind of thing I plan on wearing while I listen to loads of bands, drink cocktails in the sun, and play with my friends on the grass *sighs wistfully*. The footwear, admittedly, is a little bit ambitious, and I know I’ll probably end up wearing Converse rather than polka-dot wedges, but for these photos they’ll do just fine! I hardly ever wear heels outside, as I’m already 5’10 in bare feet (people tend to stare a little bit when a 6’2 Dementor in a playsuit that shows a little bit of her butt cheeks strolls along holding a glass of wine and a cigarette) and I can’t walk in them for very long. I can do a cool model-strut for about 100 yards, and then I have to be taken home.

I have no idea what the line-up is going to be yet (why does Secret Garden Party have to be so damn…secretive?) but I really want to show you some Anna Calvi, and it does go quite well with the mood of this outfit, I think. Do listen, and let me know what you think of her…

playsuit, Topshop // kimono, vintage // wedges, vintage //heart sunglasses, from a stall at a festival      

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