It took a long time to make it, but i never changed my mind

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I thought it was about time I featured my favourite dress, seeing as I’m supposed to be blogging about clothes and all that jazz. I love it because of the stunning Oriental floral print on it, and because it fits me better than anything else in my wardrobe- which is pretty lucky considering it’s vintage. The label says it’s from H&M, but I found it in a charity shop for £5 *smugface*. The top half fits sort of like a corset, which I like, and the skirt is long enough to not have to worry about it blowing up in the summer breeze. There’s nothing tomboyish about this dress. I might as well walk around with a big sign saying ‘Me Girl You Treat Me Like Lady Please’. Which is sort of daring, in a way.

Dress, vintage H&M // tights, drugstore // crown, Crafts Alive

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