and every forest sings a song


Knitted mushroom wallet from The Lantern Cafe at Ringwood Steiner School;  ‘Parisian Chic’ by Ines de la Fressange. That copy of Sense and Sensibility has a cover illustration by Richard Wilkinson ( Below are some of my scrapbook pages, made out of Company’s, Nylon’s and NME’s…the actual scrapbooks themselves are from Paperchase. I don’t know why but my scrapbooks always end up full of pictures of animals; wolves, owls, and cats, particularly. I have more pictures of owls than I do of models, which probably says something about me, but I’m not sure exactly what that is. There is something so satisfying about trying to make some kind of sense out of different images and words by cutting them up and pasting them into a blank notebook. I’ve been doing it religiously for about four years now, but I think I made my very first scrapbook when I was about seven. This is going to sound extremely snobby, but I find that the more expensive a magazine is, the better it translates into a scrapbook. I read about ten magazines a month, everything from Look to Lula, and I find that even though I enjoy a Grazia as much as the next girl, when it comes to making a collage, if it ain’t Vogue, don’t bother; the weeklies have far too many gossip pages, grimy paparazzi snaps, and otherwise lovely images ruined by a headline splashed across them. I want to make scrapbooks that resemble the kind of things I actually see inside my head, and for that, I need some serious (fashion-bitch voice) high-art photography…mwahahaha


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