then the snow started falling, we were stuck out in your car…

About a week ago we got caught in the snow. We were on the road, driving home, and got stuck in traffic. Someone was having trouble and we all had to wait for the snow-ploughs to come and clear the road for us. I very quickly gave up and started taking pictures. Most of them were awful and blurry, due to the fact that I was taking them while leaning out of a car moving at 5 miles an hour through a blizzard, but some of them are quite pretty, I think. I love how bare branches look when they are covered in snow; delicate and sharp, like they have been etched onto the landscape. It reminded me of a song I heard a long time ago, that broke my heart a little bit. I urge you to listen to it.

                                                                                                      Bon Iver - Blood Bank

something wicked this way comes

I thought I’d give you another peek inside my scrapbook (click here if you didn’t see the first one) and try and well…give some kind of explanation for the, er, craziness. You see I’ve always been interested in things like fairytales and folk-lore, as well as Greek and Roman mythology and children’s literature (a lot of books that are dubbed ‘children’s literature’ are based on ancient archetypes and deal with intense adult themes despite having young protagonists, but hey, I'll let that go) and nowhere is that more evident than in my scrapbooks. I put in pictures that basically don't make any sense to anyone, because they just look like things I see in my dreams or my nightmares. This makes it quite awkward to show them to anyone in ‘real life’, but somehow I’m not bothered by doing it over the internet (we're all allowed to be freaks here. Isn't it great?)

By the way, thanks to everyone for your kind birthday wishes, it was super lovely of you all and really put a smile on my face! xoxo

I shivered the whole night through


My obsession with Twin Peaks is getting a little out of hand; I’ve started playing the soundtrack, out loud, while I’m hanging out at home, because (and this is where it gets weird) it seems as though it is actually the soundtrack to my life, and it just makes sense for  me to hear it while I’m thinking. As if I were actually a character in Twin Peaks, and my life was directed by David Lynch. Sometimes I forget I’m playing it, and that it isn’t just spontaneously occurring inside my head. Proper weirdo, me.

I love a TV show or a film for the symbols it gives me; the new ways of expressing things that already existed inside my head. Sometimes I think there are some fictional worlds that resemble my own much more than the one that is validated by others, and actually wish that I  could go into them and never come back. This is a common nerd-girl problem, apparently. I’ve suffered it at the hands of  Catherine Hardwicke,  Sofia Coppola, David Lynch, Jane Campion, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino, to name but a few. I could get started on all the classic novels I wish I lived in, but I’ll do you a solid and restrain myself.

So above are some of my latest symbols and obsessions. I got the toy owl from a garden centre, the open book on my dresser is Pilgrimage by Annie Leibowitz, and the glasses on it I picked up from a fancy-dress shop in Swansea. I find some awesome stuff in costume shops sometimes, they’re a great place to look for unusual accessories. I got the heart locket on a trip to the seaside when I was a little girl. I found the carved owl statue in the woods at Castell Henllys, in North Pembrokeshire; it’s the most amazing thing, and looks so magical, this huge owl coming out of a live tree, alone in the woods. I could spend hours just standing there looking at it.

if it’s in your nature, you never win


Today I’m wearing more Twin Peaks-inspired outfits, after I decided that David Lynch is quite literally the shiz. There’s a big Zola Jesus influence to; so here I am being all gothic and surreal with an early Nineties twist. I absolutely love all the backless dresses that were made in the 80’s and 90’s, and below is one of my favourites. It’s velvet and too dressy to wear during the day usually, but with my Topshop hold-all and casual shoes it becomes a little bit more wearable. I think of it as my ‘jazz singer’ dress. I don’t think I even own a backless bra, so I went au natural, but with some dresses it’s just impossible to do that without poking someone’s eye out. Luckily the material is quite thick, so no nipples on show today! High-five!

The outfit in the first photo is a little more ‘Audrey Horne’ again, with a schoolgirl-tries-to-look-grown-up kind of vibe. The dress is vintage Richmond from the 80’s, and was given to me by my mother; she used to go partying in it when she was my age. The Wayfarers are my dad’s, on ‘loan’…#he’snevergettingthemback. The knee-highs are H&M.


Midas is king and he holds me so tight

027january 11 013january 11 015020003031023031christmas 039

Just a little photo-story today, of things I could find around my house. The jewellery in the first photo was all handed down to me by my mother (doesn’t she have amazing taste?); I thought it appropriate to start with something gold, considering my Florence-inspired title. Next is one of my mood walls (it started as a mood board and the situation sort of…spread) and some reading material. The stone owl with the tea-light in it was a Christmas present, and it’s really heavy! I have to pick it up with both hands. The little toy owls are actually Christmas tree decorations, but I like to have them looking over my bed all year. The jeans are all old and thrifted. Finally we have another mood wall, the one I have over my piano. It’s covered with art postcards by people like William Blake, and a few bands that I like, but mostly just things that I’ve drawn and sheet music that I’m working on. And more owls, of course. Where would a witch be without her familiars? #cackle

and every forest sings a song


Knitted mushroom wallet from The Lantern Cafe at Ringwood Steiner School;  ‘Parisian Chic’ by Ines de la Fressange. That copy of Sense and Sensibility has a cover illustration by Richard Wilkinson ( Below are some of my scrapbook pages, made out of Company’s, Nylon’s and NME’s…the actual scrapbooks themselves are from Paperchase. I don’t know why but my scrapbooks always end up full of pictures of animals; wolves, owls, and cats, particularly. I have more pictures of owls than I do of models, which probably says something about me, but I’m not sure exactly what that is. There is something so satisfying about trying to make some kind of sense out of different images and words by cutting them up and pasting them into a blank notebook. I’ve been doing it religiously for about four years now, but I think I made my very first scrapbook when I was about seven. This is going to sound extremely snobby, but I find that the more expensive a magazine is, the better it translates into a scrapbook. I read about ten magazines a month, everything from Look to Lula, and I find that even though I enjoy a Grazia as much as the next girl, when it comes to making a collage, if it ain’t Vogue, don’t bother; the weeklies have far too many gossip pages, grimy paparazzi snaps, and otherwise lovely images ruined by a headline splashed across them. I want to make scrapbooks that resemble the kind of things I actually see inside my head, and for that, I need some serious (fashion-bitch voice) high-art photography…mwahahaha