I belong with you, you belong with me

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Sleeping a lot, and wishing it was still summer. Wanting to go back and do things differently…and then wanting to go back to do it all the same. Falling asleep alone, remembering the nights when you didn’t have to. Trying to hold on to the memory, knowing that most of it will run away from you. The cold in the morning when it’s still dark. Knowing the light will return, but that it will be a different light, and a new sun, and you can never go back. The music that reminds you of childhood heartbreak, and of the people that have your love now but do not know it. Trying to understand, to learn. Casting a spell. One song on repeat.

Everyone is going crazy. Do any of us know what really happens to us?
The dress I’m wearing is from H&M, the fake rose is from Sia, and that edition of Jane Eyre is from whitesbooks.com. The rest is vintage, except the leather bag, which was handmade by a craftsman in Salisbury. The tarot cards are the Ryder Waite edition.

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