A Big LUSH Haul


Somehow, I've unwittingly managed to pick up a humongous LUSH haul over the last couple of months. It all started at Christmas, when I got a gift box of bath bombs big enough to last me all year. Then, I got another one for my birthday - plus extra individual products from friends and family. My stash of ballistics is now bordering on the ridiculous, but I'm not complaining. I go around raving about LUSH for a reason. They really are my favourite beauty brand, perhaps my favourite brand period. I never get anywhere near boredom with their stuff; there are always more products I want to try, and that is an incredible skill for a company to possess. The hype is real.

I won't take you through every single product I have in my haul, although you get the idea from these pictures just how much there is. I'll try to stick to highlights and things I'm extra excited to try. My first mention has to go to Prince Charming Shower Cream. This stuff is insane. The smell is one of the most edible LUSH scents, infused with vanilla, marshmallow, pomegranate and grapefruit. All together, they make a kind of raspberry-sorbet smell that lingers on your skin for hours. I use it as shampoo as well, and it leaves my bleached rose hair soft and manageable. A standout bath ballistic was Over And Over, as it wasn't the kind of thing I would normally buy for myself, and yet it gave me one of my best baths in recent memory. A legendary bath, even - soft and moisturising water, with the sweet and fruity scent of summertime ice lollies, mango, and orange. My number one bomb will probably always be The Experimenter, with it's mouth-watering, earthy scent of churches, bonfires, and libraries, so I'm branching out a little in that direction with my The Experimenter Gift Box. This box is a godsend for anyone who likes the woodsy, vetiver-type scents, or the most colourful waters. All my biggest loves are in here; Sex Bomb, a bed of rose and jasmine; Guardian Of The Forest, packed with oakwood and cypress oil; and Twilight, a sleepy mix of lavender and earthy vanilla.


The Little Dragon reusable bubble bar was an unexpected discovery. Filled with cinnamon, ginger, and clove, it's a warm and fiery gem that would be perfect if you had a cold or needed a pick-me-up. I've only used a small amount so I'm going to save the rest for when I'm really under the weather. I'm also a newly-converted fan of Butterbear, a gentle ballistic that has the soothing air of baby-powder or marshmallows. It's not available year-round but you can still get it in a Festive Friends box if you love the Christmas products. I should add before I go that NONE of these were gifted products or samples, and this post isn't sponsored in any way - I just really love all of it. And as always, more than happy to talk LUSH in the comments!


 photo aa41ca5e-52cf-428d-a115-3e94ed11bbab_zpskr4vllx6.jpg photo 7ed8e5d5-4390-4097-9ad5-62ada53152a2_zpsprzdgtrq.jpg photo ae491a71-386e-495f-adfa-c86c16cdcd66_zpswiyanxxd.jpg photo e9803c70-aa47-4ebd-97a9-106b5015d28a_zpsxbyeltj7.jpg  photo bread_zpsppkakgey.jpg photo 55fd4f6b-fd67-406a-92a1-038bbf67a2b3_zpsbzulurwl.jpg photo 5e96a047-ce5c-4939-ab69-5a383da14fd1_zpsxwqxyb72.jpg

Back in February my boyfriend and I packed up and went on a very spur-of-the-moment, unplanned trip to Morocco. All we knew was where we would spend our first two nights in Marrakech (we splashed out and stayed at the gorgeous Dar Akal, and then Riad Mirage) and that we wanted to drive around the country and see as much as we possibly could in one week. We traveled light so that we could bring back mementos; I had my heart set on picking up hammam towels and hand-woven scarves, while my mister was looking out for Berber rugs made in the High Atlas. 

Our time in Marrakech was mostly spent getting terrifyingly lost in the souks (markets) and in The Medina north of the Djemaa el-Fna. Within five minutes of driving our rental car out of the airport I'd seen a man holding a baby in one hand and his mobile phone in the other as he rode his motorbike down the street. I saw camels and monkeys and cobras. The city is a tightly packed, loud, fast and bright metropolis, equal parts dirty and dazzling. Stalls laden with crystals, glimmering teapots, dates, fresh fruit and fresh flatbreads line almost every side street, like naturally occurring outcrops from the desert of the city's red clay framework. Finding food was never difficult, even as a vegan; we gorged on 5 dirham smoothies, vegetable cous cous, and tagine. The mornings in February are temperate and soft, and every morning we ate our breakfast in the sunshine, listening to the fountains and the cock crowing. By the afternoon the rain would sweep in. On our first full day there, we got caught in a storm while shopping in the medina, and I had to run for patches of shelter as the call to prayer rose up and people laid their mats out to worship in the streams of the street. After that we learned to start our adventures early, and find cover for lunch. At night we would return to our riad and get clean together in our deep, marble bath, and plan our journey to the mountains.

 photo 35e8bade-a526-4a41-aa6c-f5d8a12b3692_zpsrmu94sjm.jpg photo 7e07b860-e8a3-43ed-a27e-eb958dae9fb1_zpsrhdvux1h.jpg photo 7b22cad4-7386-40cc-93f0-55b6481e5fe5_zpspo07wi6f.jpg photo bd7ae6ba-40a8-432d-b18f-1e97825ecfd9_zpsuwzv2bxf.jpg photo instagram john_zpszgdwj5in.jpg photo ae325479-7e11-4bfd-9f0d-a86bd5355293_zpsxeabxoua.jpg photo b5952b75-b8b7-4c6a-b626-b59b634c3277_zpslgzrheta.jpg photo 98b870ab-39f7-4650-a8fa-ca27ce53408f_zpsfjf0stw6.jpg photo 2eb1a15c-3502-4ab9-af9b-4ba5543853a5_zpse3fwh9lj.jpg photo 6a97cd7c-d177-4327-88e6-a57813a50f92_zpsinn0uwaj.jpg photo aae92aae-3c03-4cc9-b70f-9b46626f5e98_zpsbjxkew5h.jpg photo marrakech_zpstq9mo5of.jpg photo IMG_0411_zpsxkiivsgi.jpg